Defog your mirror with a touch of a button!

Last month we talked about our premium LED mirrors with Bluetooth and our feature product, Otto Premium. Now, there is no denying that Bluetooth brings a ‘wow’ factor and an edge over your way-too-competitive neighbours who are always trying to one up you (they’re probably named Karen too.)

However, you can’t beat good old practicality. Our Demister is functional luxury. Say goodbye to foggy mirrors forever! With no more condensation,  Remer LED mirror’s are resilient in lifespan. Switch the defogger on before your shower to experience the sense of hotel luxury, paired with practicality to solve everyday problems. A mirror made with you in mind, this problem solver of a function really brings the goods.


History of the demister

The demister function takes ode to the car defogger, invented by German engineer Heinz Kunert in the early 1960’s. In a car, the defogger’s affects can be seen when the car’s windows are foggy and the condensation disappears due to air being distributed over the interior surface of the windshield.  This same concept is applied in our Remer mirror demister.


How the demister works

The Remer demister is fastened to the back of the mirror. You’ll never see the demister from the front of the mirror, only its affects. Once the pad heats up, the steam from your shower or bath cannot settle on the mirror and fog it up. You’ll enjoy a fog free mirror and never have to wipe down condensation again.

Round edge mirror with lights Remer light up LED mirror with defogger

light up LED mirror with defogger
Otis Specifications

Bathroom safe and Cost friendly

Remer have sourced the best demister pads to use on our LED mirrors. They are powered through the same transformer as the lights, meaning there are no extra switches that need to be installed. The demister is switched on via the touch switch with the ‘steam’ icon.

Due to being powered by the same transformer, the demister is energy efficient and safe for bathroom use. Based on one hours use per day, using the demister function will only cost a few extra cents per week to run. Not bad for a 5-star luxury feature!

light up LED mirror with defogger

A demister = Longer lasting mirror

In one of our previous blog posts, Copper Free LED Mirrors, we touched on how a demister can help reduce corrosion in a mirror, which is the number one factor to ageing mirrors. Corrosion is caused by left over residue of moisture on the mirror surface. With a demister in built into the mirror, you can significantly reduce the amount of condensation on the mirror and even prevent condensation and fog from occurring if the demister is given enough time to heat up before the shower begins running. With minimal moisture hitting the mirror’s surface, the risk of corrosion is significantly reduced. You won’t have to worry about replacing your Remer mirror for a long time!

Having a demister in your mirror is a cost-effective and convenient way to turn your mirror into one from a 5-star luxury hotel. Check out our products to find your own LED mirror with demister, in a size suitable for you!

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Having a demister in your mirror is a cost-effective and convenient way to turn your mirror into one from a 5-star luxury hotel.