Bespoke / Custom Made Mirrors

The Best Customised Mirrors in Australia

Introducing our new and exciting bespoke collections, which are completely customisable to your requirements. Within these four Series of custom mirrors, you’ll see that each has a basic design or shape. However, within that design, you’ll have the ability to customise several features of the mirror to make it uniquely yours.

Create Your Own Personalised Mirrors With Remer

To customise your mirror, simply select the options that best fit your needs and preferences from our list of available options. Choose your desired shape and size, whether you prefer a framed or frameless design. Explore various coloured frames, captivating lighting colours, and take advantage of our selection of add-on features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, or Demister technology. Once you’ve made your selections, we’ll assemble your custom mirror locally in Melbourne, just for you. 


Remer Standard 

Warm White 

Cool White 

Adjustable Colour Temperature (includes one button) 


Bluetooth Speakers Demister with 1 hour auto cut off* 


Hardwire Wall Switch Single Touch Sensor Multiple Touch Sensor** 

It’s that easy with our customisable mirror products, you can have a mirror that perfectly fits your unique style and needs. So go ahead, make it your own! 

* auto cut off only available with multiple touch sensors 
**number of buttons dependant on number of features

All bespoke orders must be submitted with a signed order form, via your reseller. Download here.