Frequently Asked Questions


Can your mirror cabinet’s hinges be changed?
Our current range of mirror cabinets (Emerald R50001, Emerald Premium R50002, Ruby R50003, Ruby II R50004) the hinges cannot be changed as they are static. For your reference, the Emerald series hinges are located on the left hand side, and the Ruby series hinges are located on the right hand side. Our current range of mirror cabinets are run out models. Please contact your account manager for information regarding our mirror cabinet range.
Can the transformer convert 240V to 12V?

Yes, it can.

What is the best lighting colour?

See our blog post for which lighting is best. Our Remer mirrors come in warm white, cool white and daylight, which each have different benefits.

Round makeup mirror Remer LED

Does Remer sell direct to the public?

No we don’t. Please visit our Resellers tab to find the closest retailer to you. End users are welcome to visit our showroom to see our complete range in person. Optionally, end users are also welcome to arrange with their retailer to pick the mirror up from our warehouse if this is more convenient for them.

When is our showroom open?

Remer’s showroom is open Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm. Please call 03 9706 6663 in advance to book an appointment. The showroom is not available on weekends.

Are Remer mirrors regulated according to Australian standards?

Every Remer mirror has passed the Australian SAA and German TUV electric product testings. See our certificates here and for more information regarding SAA certification, visit our blog post.

How are the mirrors packaged?

Remer mirrors are packaged in custom-sized cartons for minimal movement. There are honeycomb boards and foam boards placed internally to offer protection from damage.
We put as much effort into our packaging as we do to our design.

remer packaging led mirror

What is the difference between Frontlit and Backlit lighting?

When a mirror is classified as Frontlit or Backlit, it is referring to the position of the LED strip. As a guide we say that any mirror classified as ‘Frontlit’ has better lighting for your face compared with a mirror that is classified as ‘Backlit’, which is typically designed for ambiance lighting.

Does putting a frame around the mirror affect brightness?

On frontlit mirrors you can recess them and add a frame around the exterior and it won’t affect brightness.

Can a LED mirror be the only source of light in a bathroom?

Depending on the size of the room. For the standard Australian 5sqm bathroom, we recommend having an overhead lighting in addition to a LED mirror to create the ideal environment.

Which Remer LED mirror is the brightest?

The Eclipse range has the brightest lighting for task lighting due to the unidirectional lighting that illuminates the face. Followed closely by Lucy range.

However, with the lighted 3x magnifier function option, any mirror can be a good fit makeup mirror.

Is there anywhere I can view items before purchasing?

You can view our products at our showroom at 13-15 Edison Road Dandenong South VIC 3175. Alternatively, you can visit one of our resellers who have our core ranges on display in their showrooms.


What is needed for power for a lighted mirror?

Australia standard, 230V 50Hz.

Can the lighted mirrors be recessed flush with the wall?

Remer mirrors are designed to be surface mounted. Recessing can be done on frontlit mirrors, but we don’t recommend recessing backlit mirrors or mirrors with Bluetooth due to obstructing the light and sound quality.

Can a lighted mirror be mounted in any orientation?

No. The mirror must be installed in the orientation listed (width x height) as it hangs on the chassis.

Do I need an additional transformer for the Remer LED mirror to work?

No. The transformer is inbuilt and comes with the mirror.

How do I mount a Remer lighted mirror to the wall?


What is the lifespan of the LED lights and what happens if a LED globe breaks?

Our LED light strips are tested in house for 10,000 hours.

Every Remer Mirror comes with 5 years warranty, which covers any lighting issues. If a globe breaks outside of the warranty period, Remer can replace your LED strip at our warehouse but at cost of the customer.

How do I claim warranty?

Please give Remer a call on (03) 9706 6663 or send an email to with the following:

  • a picture and/or video indicating the problem
  • the retailer you bought it from
  • proof of purchase / receipt
  • your residential address that a new mirror can be received at

A Remer team member will be in touch with you to run any trouble shooting and give you the direction you need.

How do I clean my Remer mirror?

To properly clean a mirror and avoid corrosion, it is recommended to mix a spray bottle with 95% water and 5% alcohol, spray onto a micro-fiber cloth or chamois and wipe the mirror, leaving no traces of moisture.