• Installation
REMER mirrors are designed to be hard-wired into the wall in order to achieve both practicality and aesthetic appeal. All our mirror functions are controlled either via swipe or touch, therefore, switches are not required. You would only need a live wiring from the centre point of the intended mirror area to connect to the mirror, which you can prewire in advance. The installation should be carried out by a certified electrician.

See example diagram of the Otto Premium 1700 for details:

For more information, see the Installation Instruction Manual.

• Regulation compliance and product quality
REMER mirrors are compliant with Australian SAA and German TUV standard.
At Remer we pride ourselves on being one of the pioneers of LED mirrors, and have been in the European market for over a decade.
We differ from others by manufacturing our transformers (power box) in-house using fire-proof materials. Our one-transformer-per-mirror approach means the risk of water intrusion is more controlled.
See certificates.

• Product warranty
Every Remer Mirror comes with a 5-year part warranty and 1 year labour warranty. See the Warranty Manual for details.

• Packaging
REMER mirrors are packaged in custom-sized cartons for minimal movement. There are honeycomb boards and foam boards placed internally to offer protection from damage.
We put as much effort into our packaging as we do to our design.

See image for reference.


If you would like more information please email info@remer.com.au