Welcome to Remer, where we believe the environment you inhabit should be an endless source of inspiration. We exist to elevate lifestyles — to transform the way you experience your living spaces. 

This guiding philosophy drives us to meticulously craft timeless mirrors and shaving cabinets that transcend the ordinary. They stand at the intersection of artistry and utility, offering breathtaking visages while enriching your daily routines. Our collections are catalysts that awaken your senses, foster an atmosphere of serenity and heighten your state of mind.


Proudly Australian, we have been delivering elegant mirror solutions since 2017. Our journey began with recognising the need for LED-illuminated mirrors in the local market. By pioneering their introduction, we ushered in a new era wherein our clients could reimagine their homes as majestic sanctuaries where they are at their best.

Since then, we’ve remained dedicated to a client-centric approach, delivering innovation that’s crafted with valued input from our loyal Australian market. We ask for feedback, we listen, we act and implement. Many of our best-selling solutions owe their success to enhancements based on the reflections of our clients. For us, that adds up to a perfect partnership.

Our valued and diverse team marries emerging technology with the evolving tastes and demands of modern lifestyles. Each resulting creation is a masterpiece of opulent style, remarkable innovation and life-enhancing functionality — an iconic trifactor that cements our reputation in the industry. And we’re justifiably proud of the fact that many of Remer’s products are designed and assembled right here at home, in Melbourne.

Today, you’ll find our thoughtfully-engineered products housed in our style galleries and displayed nationwide, by leading bathware brands. Architects, developers and interior designers are among our advocates, trusting the Remer name for iconic products supported by outstanding service and aftersales.


At Remer, integrity and honouring our commitment to you underpins everything we do. Our impeccable mirrors and shaving cabinets reflect renewed standards of sophistication, tailored by your expectations and built to last.

We invite you to experience the ease and refinement they bring to your every day. Luxuriate in the moments of indulgence and relaxation they offer and watch how life becomes effortlessly harmonious.

Are you ready to be inspired?