Bathroom mirrors have proved their value and purpose for centuries, making them an essential asset to any home. 

Smart mirrors replace traditional ones as we move forward to a more innovative world. Not only because they provide additional functionality, but they also improve your overall bathroom appearance. 

A Mirror shaving cabinet is one of the smart bathroom mirror options available in the market. With their unique, functional, and trendy vibes, these mirror cabinets are becoming more popular among homeowners.

With our continuous learning and adaptation to modern mirror manufacturing, we introduce the Blanca shaving cabinet, our newest addition to the shaving cabinet collection. 

Why the Blanca Arch Shaving Cabinet Is a Must-Have for Your Bathroom?

Gone are the days when you settle for poor-quality and boring mirrors. Blanca arch shaving cabinets perfectly bring exceptional functionality and style, creating an alluring experience to any bathroom. 

If you want to evolve your bathroom into a glamorous space, the Blanca shaving cabinet might be the one you’re looking for, and here are the reasons why: 


Keeping your bathroom clean and organised can give you a relaxing and stress-free atmosphere. Achieving such a bathroom is possible with an exemplary storage investment.

The Blanca shaving cabinets can give you a good amount of extra space, allowing you to secure and keep your grooming items safe.

You can also store your towels, clothes, medicines, and other essentials to avoid misplacing them. Remer ensures proper and accurate storage measurements to match our customers’ needs. 

Here are the measurements of Blanca shaving cabinets: 

Width: 500 mm

Height: 900 mm

Depth: 146 mm

Weight: 18.25 kg

Orientation: Portrait

These cabinets also use copper-free mirrors, which resist corrosion and blackening. Not only can they hold your items, but they also make your bathroom look more spacious because of the mirrors reflection. 

Another fascinating thing about the Blanca shaving cabinets is that they have two adjustable glass shelves. They can be adjusted to the millimetre (mm) on the integrated rail system.

You can assure that these adjustable shelves are made from quality materials and in good condition. 


LED lighting is one of a bathroom mirror’s innovative and advanced features. They are safer than regular bulbs as they do not emit extreme heat.

Fortunately, the Blanca shaving cabinet offers sufficient LED lighting that makes shaving, applying makeup, and fixing your hair easier. It has light specifications, as below:

• CCT: 6500K – Daylight

• CRI: > 80

Additionally, the Blanca shaving cabinets have a demister to prevent the build-up of steam and condensation in your mirror. You can find this at the back of your mirror, connected to the lighting circuit in the bathroom.

Blanca shaving cabinets are user-friendly, using a touch sensor.

A touch sensor is activated by physical touch and a small amount of force. 

With all these advanced technologies, we need to ensure the safety and efficiency of the product. Blanca shaving cabinets maintain their aesthetic interiors and safe connection using concealed wire technology.

For safety reasons, we recommend using a licensed electrician to ensure your mirrors are installed carefully. 

Beauty and Design

You can always go right with Blanca arch shaving cabinets for beauty and practicality. These cabinets look stunning, making your bland wall glamorous and alive.

It also has a classic arch shape with a durable single-sided mirror door, allowing the entire structure to look properly maintained and built.

Blanca shaving cabinets are simple yet timeless, offering a unique space for those who want something natural and fresh. Now is the time to give it a try!

Invest in the Blanca Arch Shaving Cabinet from Remer 

The Blanca LED arch shaving cabinet help you achieve a polished, functional bathroom style. Apart from aesthetics, they provide a cost-effective and efficient way to store your items.

A Blanca shaving cabinet from Remer can be one of your most worthy decisions. 

Remer is an Australian company with excellent customer service and aftersales. With years of expertise, our team is delighted to offer you reliable and sustainable mirrors that exceed your expectations.

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