A bathroom mirror is not just a functional item; it also plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality of the space. Proper placement of your bathroom mirror can make a significant difference in the area. Here are some dos and don’ts to consider when installing a mirror in your bathroom, whether it be a simple mirror or a smart mirror with LED lighting.

Make sure to hire a licensed electrician to carry out the installation process with any LED or Smart Mirror.


Find the Perfect Position

Before installing your bathroom mirror, carefully consider the placement. Ideally, the mirror should be positioned 130 mm to 250 mm above the sink or basin. Ensure it is at eye level for most users, and adjust as needed based on local requirements.

Consider Your Vanity’s Width

When looking for a bathroom mirror, find one that compliments the width of your vanity. For a balanced look, the mirror should either match the vanity’s width or be 60–70% of its width if you plan to install sconces on either side.

If you have a double basin and are placing 2 mirrors, we recommend the mirror be the same width, or wider than the basin.

Choose the Right Shape

Bathroom mirrors are available in various shapes, including round or circular, square, or rectangular, and irregular, geometric shapes. 

Select a shape that compliments your wall finish and bathroom style.

For example, round mirrors add softness, the shape allowing for more negative space for feature tiles to shine, while rectangular mirrors offer a more traditional look.

Emphasise Standout Elements

Using mirrors strategically can be an excellent way to highlight specific features in a bathroom, such as a piece of art, an ornamental plant, or a sculpture.  

Minimalist mirror designs allow these features to stand out without being overshadowed.


Rely Solely on Wall Size

Avoid choosing a mirror size based solely on the size of your bathroom. Instead, consider the size of the bathroom vanity, as this will dictate the most suitable mirror size.

Install Mirrors When the Floor is Wet

Never install a mirror on a wet bathroom floor, as this can lead to accidents. Ensure the floor is dry and wear appropriate footwear during installation.

Accept a Broken Mirror

Before opening, check the packaging for any signs of damage and then carefully open and check the product before installation. If you receive a broken mirror, do not accept it.

Call the seller immediately and request a replacement, if you install a broken mirror you risk injury and also voiding your warranty.

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