A mirror is one of the aesthetic and functional parts of every bathroom. It is where you greet yourself, do your hair and makeup, and start your day.

However, it can be stressful if you notice your bathroom mirrors are a bit boring or have fallen out of style. When you notice this, it is time to start looking for ways to update your bathroom mirrors.

In case you have a tight budget, you can find cost-effective bathroom mirror ideas here. While there are lots of options, you need to consider your preferences when upgrading your mirror.

Here are things you can do to update your mirror’s style:

Add Drama to Your Bathroom Mirror

Plain mirrors can be boring, especially if they do not match your bathroom. If you want your mirror to stand out, you could add LED lights.

An LED backlit arched mirror is ideal for a classic bathroom with a modern twist. They can give your bathroom space an elegant and dramatic effect, allowing you to feel a warm atmosphere.

Investing in backlit arch mirrors from Remer is an excellent option. These mirrors can have an adjustable colour temperature function, touch sensors, and are copper-free.

Customise Cut-Out Mirror

Customising your mirrors based on your preferred style and need is rewarding. Although DIY is possible when updating a bathroom mirror, it requires skill and the right tools to get it right.

If you want to try a cut-out mirror style, it is advisable to ask for assistance from a professional mirror cutter to avoid injuries.

Create a Frame for Your Mirror

When creating a mirror frame, you should consider something both decorative and functional.

You can use a shadow box-inspired or deep frame as a mirror shelf. Aside from aesthetics, frames can protect your mirror from cracking and other wearing elements.

If you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty, you can always find one ready-made and high in quality from Remer, who offer both LED and Non-LED framed mirrors.

Try Coastal Mirror

A coastal design highlights soft tones, natural light, and warm vibes. It gives off a peaceful atmosphere and unique look, suitable for your eco-inspired bathroom space.

Typically, it reminds people of the beach, sky, and paradise. You can opt for this style when updating your bathroom mirror.


Updating your bathroom mirrors makes a massive difference in your space. It can add aesthetics, and value to your home.

While it requires time and effort, it is a long-term, worthy investment. Looking for reputable mirror professionals to assist you during your mirror upgrade would be advisable.

Remer is a credible mirror manufacturing company in Australia. We offer premium illuminated smart mirrors supported by quality customer service. To learn more, call us at (03) 9706 6663 or visit our website.