In designing your minimalist bathroom, there’s lots of details to consider. Click here for all the steps you should follow in creating the perfect space.

The minimalist bathroom essentials has become popular for homes. Simple, colours, streamlined fixtures, clean and decluttered design; no heap of towels and clothes on the floor or products on the counters.

Does that sound like your dream minimalist bathroom?

When you see those picture-worthy minimalist bathrooms online, you probably think you could never get your space to look like that. But you’re mistaken. This aesthetic is much easier to achieve than you think.

7 Steps to Create a Minimalist Bathroom

A minimalist bathroom is achievable, but it’s still going to take some work. Luckily the work of designing a space can be a lot of fun. Use these tips, and you’ll be 7 steps closer to your new bathroom;

1. Consider Your Design

If you want your space to look straight out of a magazine, go for a concept, not a theme. Minimalism doesn’t mean all white with one piece of furniture in the room. So bring some of your style to it.

If you’re into a modern look, concrete is a great way to bring texture into the space. Or maybe a rustic look is more your taste; incorporate wood into the design for a natural element. Like the idea of bold elegance; try incorporating rose gold into the design.

There are many ways to create a minimalists design while still incorporating colour, texture, and specific styles. Thinking in a concept will help you get the finished product you’re looking for.

2. Declutter and Storage

This is the central aspect of minimalist design: no clutter. What good will your minimalist bathroom essentials be if it’s covered by products, clothes, and cleaning supplies? So it’s time to get rid of things.

Try going through your daily routine, and for every product you use, set it aside. You’ll notice the products you use and the ones you don’t. Those unused products can go in a box in your storage closet and come out when you need them.

Keeping your surfaces clear is what separates a minimalist design from others. This means you’ll need ample storage for both everyday and occasional products. Storage boxes, cabinets, and under-sink storage are all great options for stashing things away.

3. Create a Blank Slate

Now let’s transform the space. Your walls should be simple, but not necessarily white. You can paint your walls white, but if you like some colour, consider a light one. Lighter colours make your space appear larger and will add uniformity.

If you’re looking to add some texture, you can do it with tile. The key is to add tile simply. This typically means going for either colour, shape, or pattern, but not all three.

In a minimalist design, you want the walls to almost “disappear”. So if you want to add colour, get a tile in one colour and go easy on the shape and pattern. If you want your tile to be in a herringbone pattern or hexagon-shaped, neutral colours would be best.

4. Upgrade Your Features

This usually means making your tub, shower, and sink counter fit the minimalist bill. Tubs are already pretty minimalist since they typically come in white. But if you want to replace your current tub, keep the shape simple or go freestanding if you can.

The best tile for a minimalist bathroom has already been discussed. But you can take the minimalist design further by adding a simple glass or acrylic shower door. If a new shower door isn’t an option, a white shower curtain can go a long way.

For sinks, you’ll want to keep the shape of the vanity simple. Create clean and crisp lines by going for square shapes. This is a place you can get creative with the material and design.

Vanities are also a great place for storage, so consider how you can incorporate that into the design. As for the sink itself, the shape is your preference as long as the overall design is not busy.

5. Replace Your Fixtures

Sleek fixtures are the name of the minimalist game. These include your faucet on your sink and your shower head. Streamlined fixtures help give your bathroom that well-designed expensive look.

Here is a place where you can have a little fun. By playing with shape, colour, and gloss, you can create a unique design that matches you. It’s essential that all your fixtures match to give a cohesive look.

6. Choose Your Decor

Decorating is the fun part of redesigning a space. And a minimalist room still needs decor to make it feel like a home. The best piece of minimalist decorating advice is not to go overboard.

Consider your bathroom space. If you’ve added colour to the wall, keep your decorations in that colour scheme. If you only want one bold accent piece like your tiles or fixtures, keep the decor neutral.

And the key features of minimalist decor are that it’s simple and there isn’t a lot of it.

7. Be Picky About Minimalist Bathroom Essentials

With your bathroom done, it’s time to start adding your Minimalist Bathroom essentials back in. This means towels, toiletries, and products. Now you must be ruthless.

If your towels are mismatched, get new ones in your bathroom’s colour scheme, and remember white always matches. You’ve considered storage, so toiletries and products should have a place off the counter. Be picky about what you let into the space.

Lastly, maintain this clean, minimalist bathroom.

Your Minimalist Retreat Awaits

A minimalist design can make spending time in the bathroom much more enjoyable. You’ll relax much easier without the clutter and get ready much easier with just a few products.

With just a few steps, a minimalist bathroom isn’t hard to achieve. Remember to bring your style and personality into the design, so it feels like your personal retreat.

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