No one person perceives luxury in the same way. Some experience luxe in a well-decorated, stylistic bathroom, while others find it in a highly-functional space. This is why a versatile mirror bathroom cabinet is a popular choice among homeowners, no matter their taste or style.

Functionality is an excellent quality to develop in a bathroom. Home to numerous important activities, the bathroom should be catered to your every need. Modern bathrooms are equipped with different accessories that enhance everyday bathroom use. These items can aid in tasks, making them simpler and more enjoyable.

Aside from a mirrored shaving cabinet, plenty of items can improve a bathroom’s functionality. Consider these accessories in planning a function-focused bathroom design:

Functional Mirrors

If you are looking for an area of your bathroom to improve, the mirror provides many opportunities for innovation. Many mirrors today are empowered with modern technology, making them multifaceted. Choose from these innovative mirrors to provide your bathroom with additional functionalities: 

LED Mirrors

Mirrors that light up have become a standard in modern bathrooms. Lighting is essential in enhancing a bathroom’s design in terms of style and function. LED-powered mirrors provide incredible value to homeowners who appreciate good lighting. LED Mirrors can magnify the mood, assist in self-care activities, or simply enhance your overall bathroom experience.

Magnifying Mirrors

Some tasks are easier with a closer, upfront view. Magnifying mirrors are helpful in various bathroom activities, including tooth brushing, flossing, plucking eyebrows, shaving, putting on makeup, applying skincare products, and appreciating oneself. Installing a magnifying mirror is a simple way of providing more functionality in your bathroom.

Bluetooth Mirrors

Modern bathroom mirrors are now empowered with audio capabilities. Bluetooth mirrors allow homeowners to carry out their tasks with the added value of listening to their favourite tunes. This can make daily bathroom activities more exciting and productive. You can catch up on your favourite podcast with an audio-capable mirror while showering. 

Storage Solutions

A critical pillar of functionality is storage. Not all homes are blessed with a large bathroom area. Managing bathroom storage can be challenging, with countless accessories and limited space. Fortunately, there are numerous modern-day storage solutions for homeowners to explore. 

Shaving Cabinets

Mirrored shaving cabinets are not uncommon, but they are an underrated storage solution. Shaving cabinets provide homeowners with seamless storage hidden through a mirrored door. This is perfect for homeowners who want a minimalistic design. It is also a great option for smaller bathrooms as it is multifunctional. 

Capitalise on the amazing technology now available and opt for an LED Shaving Cabinet, with demisting capabilities, for that extra bit of luxe in your bathroom.

Over Door Hangers

Over-door hangers are excellent space savers. You can place these hooks or hangers behind doors to maximise storage space. They can be great for hanging towels or clothes. Over-door hangers can also hold decorative items, providing benefits in storage and design. 

Drawer Dividers

Bathroom drawers are often filled with stocks of toiletries, cosmetics, and other essentials. Keeping them well-organised throughout the day can be difficult even after careful arrangement. This is why drawer dividers can be an excellent investment for homeowners. They provide the value of keeping items well organised and protected from damage.

Towel Racks

Installing towel racks helps maximise your bathroom’s vertical storage. Towel racks are simple bathroom accessories that can be incredibly valuable. This is why they have become a staple in bathrooms.

Open Shelves

Opting for open shelves over cabinets is a smart way to produce storage space without visibly cramping up the area. Shelves provide an airy feel to a room, making it look more spacious. 

It also allows homeowners to display decorations, perfect for adding visual interest. Long-term, open shelves are also the most cost-effective as it requires little maintenance. Although, be sure not to overfill them as they can look too cluttered or messy.

Enhanced Experience

Function can also be measured by how it enhances the overall bathroom experience. The following items are innovative accessories meant to amplify bathroom use:

High-pressure Shower Head 

Most homeowners are familiar with the struggle of weak water pressure. It can be an annoying problem because adjusting the taps can be unpredictable. This can lead some areas to produce too much water while others receive too little. This can lead to wasted resources and increased expenses.

A high-pressure showerhead can help alleviate this struggle by maximising the water flow in the shower area. These shower heads spray more water with force, ensuring you get the pressure you need.

Wall-hanged Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder

Finding a place to store toothbrushes and toothpaste can be difficult because they do not stay upright.A wall-hanged holder is a great option for storing these items.
This is especially valuable for households with multiple people sharing one bathroom. A toothbrush and toothpaste holder provides a functional and stylistic storage space for dental items.

Aditional Lighting

Lighting can be impactful in your bathroom. It can help highlight certain areas or make the space appear larger. Light is also great at amplifying the ambiance in a room with various colour options and placements. Consider installing additional lighting fixtures like pendants, downlights, or shower lights.

Create a More Functional Bathroom

There are numerous ways you can improve your bathroom’s functionality. Multifeatured mirrors, storage solutions, and experience-enhancing accessories are a worthwhile investment. Homeowners who value function in their bathroom will benefit from choosing the right products. Consider the abovementioned items in your renovation to experience a more functional and luxurious bathroom.

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