The bathroom mirror industry is growing by leaps and bounds, especially the demand for modern bathroom mirrors and mirrors with integrated lighting. Bathroom mirror installation is the new mantra for all home décor connoisseurs. Now let’s throw some light on the bathroom mirror and how they have evolved with this glossary list.


These mirrors use the light from the backside to create a bright yet soft effect. This glow also lights up the bathroom in a delicate manner. It makes the mirror decorative and functional. They are a good accessory for a modern bathroom.

A bathroom mirror cabinet is a mirror with storage behind it. It has a dual purpose of providing a mirror for shaving, and makeup

  • Smart Mirror:

A smart mirror is a mirror that offers additional features to that of another mirror. For example, you might find the ability to use bluetooth to link to speakers and play music through the mirror, or have an actual screen within the mirror you can interact with.

  • Wall Mirror:

Wall mirrors can be full scape mirrors or dressing mirrors. You can buy them in all sizes and shapes for every room or bathroom. The best thing about these mirrors is you can either hang them on a wall or mount them on their stand

  • Full Length Wall Mirror With Lights:

These are the mirrors available in whatever size you could imagine, they come in different sizes & price which fits best for your space. They come with both plain & LED lights around.

  • Lighted Mirror:

A dual feature of light and reflection gives these mirrors a modern look. These bathroom mirrors are lit through the light underneath and are used to add aesthetic and functional value to the bathroom.

Warm light gives a natural feel and helps brighten up bathroom interiors. Along with being natural, it is relaxing to the eyes and gives a calming effect.

  • LED-lit mirror:

These mirrors have a built-in LED bulb, which brightens the reflection and adds a warm feeling to your bathroom. You can also create an illusion of vast spaces in rooms, bathrooms, and other areas in the house just by installing one of these.

  • Cool Light:

Cool light is ideal for areas that need more lighting and requires more brightness. Having them in your bathroom will give a brighter, clearer and distinct reflection.

  • Vanity Mirror:

People use this personalised mirrors for their grooming.. A bathroom vanity mirror is often placed in the bathrooms to help fix makeup, hair, and shave.

The oval-shaped backlit mirror adds a deluxe feel to the entire bathroom space.

  • Defogger Mirror:

A mirror with demister prevents the fog from condensing on the mirror’s surface — providing you a clean and clear mirror after every hot shower.

  • Cool White:

It is light which has a bluish tinge and gives a cool sensation while reflecting a clean and clear image.

It is a type of LED Mirror that is round in shape mostly installed in bathrooms for a luxurious look.

These mirrors come with Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect them with mobile devices to stream music or change the lighting.

An illuminated mirror cabinet is functional and gives you space for storing essential bathroom items. It also adds glamour to your bathroom space and provides good reflection quality.

  • Bath Mirror:

The bath mirror elevates the overall vibe of the bathroom space. These come in different shapes and sizes to choose from according to the space available.

  • Daylight:

Natural light mirrors give authenticity to space.

  • Digital Mirror:

These are mirrors with display to give you the information in real graphics projected on the mirrors.

  • Copper backed mirror:

As the name suggests, it is a copper-backed mirror. By installing it anywhere in your space, you can uplift the overall look. It brings an antique charm with it.

  • Lead-Free Mirror:

A eco-friendly mirror. This lead-free mirror has a double coating of polymer resin over the silver. It is devoid of lead and copper and is environmentally friendly.

  • Integrated Lighting:

It is an assembly of light fixtures. These can include an array of lights and lamps like LED, Halogen lamps, and so on.

  • Large Backlit Mirror:

Backlit mirrors are large in size and lend a great dimension to space. They use LED lights that emit from behind the frame of the mirrors.

As the name suggests, these are rectangular in shape and can adorn any space, be it the bathrooms, dressing room, or bedrooms.

  • Shower Mirror:

Shower mirrors are specific to shower areas. There are several kinds of shower mirrors like fogless shower mirrors, LED shower mirrors, demister shower mirrors, etc.


  • Shaving mirrors:

Mirrors concave in shape provide more magnified reflection and help focus on the area which needs attention.

This helps control the lighting on the mirror. Sensors on the dimmable mirrors help control the required intensity and warmth of the light.

  • LED heated mirror:

These are high-definition mirrors that are anti-fog, energy-saving, and waterproof, giving a better shower experience

A modern bathroom with the right fittings that which provides a minimal feel.

  • Copper Mirror:

High thermal conductivity is what copper mirrors signify.

This is a broad category that includes modern mirrors to decorate and revamp any space. They come in several shapes and sizes backed by the latest technology

  • Modern contemporary mirrors:

This is an entire range of mirrors of different sizes, widths, and styles. They add to the aesthetic and functional quotient of every space.

A magnifier mirror provides anywhere from 3x – 5x magnification on your reflection. You can have this as a stand along mirror or incorporated into our Miro LED Mirror.

  • Corrosion-resistant Mirror:

These are mostly copper-free mirrors, making them the new generation, environment-friendly and sustainable products.

  • Oval Shaving Cabinet:

These are oval-shaped shaving cabinets placed over the sink to keep shaving accessories.

  • Commercial Backlit Mirror:

These accurately fit in with the commercial requirement of any space. They have to be sturdy and durable as they would come in contact with a lot of people over a period of time.

  • Chic:

Exclusive, Elegant, Stylish

A shaving cabinet lit up with a LED backlight

  • Frameless Mirror:

This is a one-piece big-size mirror. They often have no storage and can create the effect of making any space look much bigger.

As the name suggests, they are indented into the bathroom walls to give a sleek, modern, and minimal look. These mirrors are functional as they can store all your essentials and toiletries. You can purchase them in single, double, and triple door designs.

Pearl Shaving Cabinet

  • Semi-Recessed Mirror Cabinet:

It is not fully flushed or indented. It partly protrudes out from the wall.

  • Large full-length mirror:

These are stylish, elegant mirrors that cover the space from ceiling to floor to see your full reflection. You can either mount them on a wall or hang them on their stands.

  • Leaner Mirror:

The purpose of leaner mirrors is to make spaces look expansive and bigger. This kind of mirror is specifically made for smaller spaces.

  • Floor Mirror:

These mirrors reflect an image from head to toe. These can be either wall-mounted or also come with a stand to support on. They are most often hanged vertically but can also be installed horizontally, creating an illusion of expanded space.

These are some of the strongest mirrors while being light in weight. With their elegant looks, they stay in your bathroom for a long, long time.

  • Round Edge LED mirror:

These mirrors are known for both their contemporary look as well as their functionality. They come in several variants and have state-of-the-art technology features to turn a bathroom into a true luxury space.

  • Touch sensor Mirror:

These are new-age mirrors that come with smart technology. The mirror acts as a touch screen and helps navigate and get the required information.

  • Sphere-shaped mirror:

It’s a mirror that is spherical in shape, and it’s a good mix of modern and vintage. These come with lights that are front or backlit, which illuminates the area where it is installed. They are primarily bathroom mirrors but can also be affixed in nooks or corners of bedrooms or any other area.

  • 2 door cabinet mirror:

This is similar to a wall mirror cabinet except that it has a 2 door to access the cabinet.

  • LED strip bordered mirror:

These mirrors are bordered by LED backlit or front-lit lights — and gives a well-lit look to create a soft ambiance.

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