You have finished decorating the living room, the kitchen, and the bedrooms. The house is almost ready to show off your hard work and to wow visitors. But before you start planning elaborate events, there might be one more room you have not finished decorating to its utmost potential yet: the bathroom, and the best place to start is with a mirror!

The bathroom is an essential part of the house. It deserves just as much love and attention as the other rooms, and it can be an excellent room to really impress your guests. Besides being a room for several “sensitive” activities, it is a place where people take a breath and relax during an event. 

Drive your home’s high-end design and atmosphere even further by upscaling your bathroom. With different accessories like a vanity mirror or a smart cabinet, you can make your bathroom a memorable place for users, increasing your home’s perceived value.

Opting for a modern bathroom mirror design has become the go-to way to upscale the room. Bathroom mirrors offer opportunities to make the room appear more luxurious, expensive, and thoughtfully decorated.

The Power of a Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors are powerful bathroom accessories. They have the ability to completely transform a space and enhance its overall look. When placed strategically, mirrors can make an area appear larger or serve as a statement piece by becoming a focal point.

Modern-day mirrors are empowered with the latest innovations, amplifying their design impact. They have become extremely helpful in upscaling bathrooms in terms of design and function. Today, high-quality bathroom mirrors are empowered by features like LED lighting, audio capabilities, magnifying properties, and self-defogging technology.

LED Lighting

Lighting greatly enhances a space. It can influence the ambiance of the room and the way users look at themselves in the mirror. The warmth and brilliance of lights can significantly improve a bathroom’s design.

LED mirrors are not uncommon in today’s design trends, but in a bathroom or powder room, they could be unique pieces that can make the room memorable. A mirror with multiple lighting features, like colour options and a brightness adjustor, could be incredibly valuable for high-end bathrooms.

Aside from the notable design impact, an LED mirror can be an extremely useful item. Mirrors with direct lighting can help with the usual bathroom activities like makeup retouches, shaving or even flossing.

However, the wrong LED lights can look inexpensive and out of place at times. Opting for a high-quality mirror with a sleek, modern design by Remer can solve this. Before purchasing, consider your intended style to ensure you get an LED mirror that fits your bathroom.

Audio Capabilities

Sometimes our daily bathroom activities can become tedious and repetitive. Essential tasks like skincare routines or showers can be more enjoyable with music. Audio-capable mirrors provide entertainment during lengthy bathroom visits.

If you’re someone with an extensive morning routine, you can greatly benefit from a mirror with built-in speakers. Listening to your favourite playlists or podcasts can help you get in the right mindset before going to work or for a night out.  

Aside from making routines more exciting, it can also amplify the effects of self-care activities like a well-needed bubble bath after a tiring day. The right music can greatly enhance the mood and make your daily bathroom use remarkable.

Magnifying Properties

Magnifying mirrors can be an extremely worthwhile investment. It’s an accessory you often don’t realise you need until you have one. A magnifying mirror can simplify certain tasks like shaving, toothbrushing, or just checking in with yourself. Installing magnifying mirrors is a step towards curating a highly functional, upscale bathroom.

Magnifiers are especially useful for homeowners who do a lot of their self-care tasks at home. You are less likely to cut yourself shaving when you can see the area closer and clearer with a mirror, making it safer for you and your family.

Self-Defogging Technology

A thoughtfully designed bathroom doesn’t need to be high maintenance. Reduce the work you need to do to maintain your beloved bathroom by opting for smart mirrors. Modern mirrors have self-defogging features, alleviating the need for mirror wiping after hot showers. 

Defogging technology also prolongs the life of your investments. Water that collects in mirrors can cause damage to the accessory and nearby items. Smart mirrors are not only functional and stylistic but also cost-effective.

Modern and Stylistic Design

A mirror exudes luxury through its modern, stylistic design. Smart features can only be effective in upscaling your bathroom when it comes in an exquisite package. Smart mirrors come in different forms that cater to minimalistic or lavish styles. A premium mirror also adds to your bathroom and home’s overall perceived value.

Choose a design that compliments your intended outcome. A mirror’s size, frame, material, and shape are vital factors in determining which is best for your bathroom. For instance, you can select a mirror with metal frames that matches your taps, faucets, cabinet handles or shower. Gold, silver, and brass are popular choices. This will result in a more consistent, luxurious look accented with metals.

Besides this, you also want to make sure you install decorations that complement your high-end mirror. All items in the room must be just as luxe as the mirror to support your upscale design. Lighting fixtures like chandeliers or masterfully placed overhead lights can significantly enhance a mirror’s opulence.

Upscale Your Bathroom with Smart Mirrors

Modern bathroom mirrors offer a wide range of features and functionalities that can support your high-end design. A smart mirror can enhance the mood with additional lighting and built-in speakers. It can streamline various bathroom activities while making each use more enjoyable with magnifying and self-defogging properties. Complete your high-end bathroom with a modern mirror.

Are you looking for the right mirror? Remer offers a variety of bathroom accessories, including multifunctional mirrors. With our modern designs, you are sure to find products to fit your bathroom. Get Remer products today at a local reseller near you.

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