Backlit bathroom mirrors have revolutionised the bathroom styling industry; they’ve replaced almost all other kinds of mirrors in bathroom interiors, be it a modern or contemporary design bathroom. These mirrors are very much appreciated for their out-of-the-world features like LED lighting, defogging, and sometimes even Bluetooth connectivity. But the question that arises with so many qualities is how to choose one for your bathroom; what shape of a backlit mirror will suit your bathroom’s interior? Where to hang it? In this article, we will explain the answers to all these confusions.

Read on to learn how to choose a shape that suits your interior and also about its placement, where it can beautifully complement your bathroom.


You can purchase square, rectangular, irregular, geometric, and round backlit mirrors. Select one that improves the ambiance of the space and suits your bathrooms’ design. Also, check if your selected mirror matches the wall finish of your bathroom.

  1. A square backlit mirror

A square mirror in your bathroom creates interest while displaying a modern or contemporary style. Backlit mirrors in square shape are generally smaller than oval or rectangular mirrors, making them perfect for a smaller space. These mirrors also provide just the right amount of reflection that you want to view; if you don’t want to see your toilet seat or basket, a square mirror is an efficient choice for you.

  1. A rectangle backlit mirror

These are the most common mirrors. A rectangle-shaped mirror allows you to install them in multiple ways for maximum impact.

You can either hang them horizontally or vertically, depending on the available space. A vertically hanged rectangular backlit mirror makes more sense over a single-sink vanity. And if you have a full-length option, positioning your rectangular mirror lengthwise is also a smart choice. Survey your bathroom, look around and choose the way you want to hang it in your space.

Installing your mirror horizontally over your vanity not only adds an interesting design element but also creates an illusion of spaciousness by reflecting more natural light.

  1. A round backlit mirror

Adding a round backlit mirror in your bathroom is a great way to create a dynamic contrast that enhances all your design features. If you have angular sink fixtures or tiles, install a beautiful round backlit mirror or two to diminish the hard edges in the space. On the other hand, if your bathroom design features a variety of shapes and soft edges, a circular mirror can complement and enhance the space’s look.

If you’re looking to create a tiled or mosaic design in your bathroom, round backlit mirrors are your go-to option. Hang several different-sized round mirrors on a wall opposite a full-length mirror to imbue dimension in space.

  1. An oval backlit mirror

Oval LED light mirrors are a great choice if you have limited wall space or you want to add elegance to your bathroom. Unlike their round backlit countertops, you can install these into narrow spaces.

Although these mirrors are sometimes considered too formal or regal shaped, they are perfect for incorporating a sense of luxury into your bathroom.  Just like rectangular mirrors, you can hang them vertically or horizontally according to your style.

  1. Hexagon Bathroom Mirrors

If you love playing with shapes and switching up design styles, a hexagon-shaped mirror should be your go-to option. A hexagon-shaped LED backlit mirror is an amazing geometric option to add some interest to your bathroom. When paired with other design elements like an oval sink, classic tiles, round tub, and ornate fixtures, a hexagon mirror incorporates a modern element to your bathroom.


Now that we have talked all about different shapes and styles of backlit mirrors, the next step is choosing the right place to hang them in your bathroom.

People usually are under the impression that the only right place for a mirror is to be centred over a sink, but this isn’t always possible. It doesn’t mean that you should not install any mirror at all; you can do something a bit more unique. It may take some time to get used to a backlit bathroom mirror that’s not over the sink, but you’ll become accustomed to it.

If you have an unusual bathroom layout (like a window or any other structural obstacle), or you just want to experiment with different placements, keep in mind that it’s not necessary to hang your LED light mirror flat above the vanity. There are multiple things that you can try; you can hang your mirror with some sort of hook, or you can opt for a full-length mirror instead. Having an ultra-wide mirror that covers your entire wall is also a great option; it, along with solving the mirror problem, also provides a backsplash. Whatever option you go with, keep an open mind!

The most important thing that you should consider at all costs is that your mirror should be at eye level for anyone who uses it. Professional designers recommend installing it at least 5 inches from the sink, at least 4 feet above the floor, and a few inches over the faucet.


Now that you’re equipped with the necessary knowledge about choosing and installing a backlit mirror in your bathroom, be sure to check out our range of gorgeous, premium-quality LED light mirrors.

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4th July, 2021