A clever bathroom design that showcases functionality and is aesthetically pleasing is a must. But coming up with all the ideas on how to make your bathroom more beautiful takes time and knowledge. As a homeowner, this can be challenging as many factors need to be considered. 

Thankfully, there are lots of bathroom ideas out there that you can easily take inspiration from. To help you, below are some of our favourite.

Experience the Spa Lifestyle Treatment 

When life gets hard there is nothing like taking a break and enjoying a nice shower, in a bathroom that has a relaxing ambiance. You can create the ultimate shower experience by installing a quality rain shower head that is so good that it completely blows away all your worries.

Add some fluffy towels into the mix, some fancy dispensers for your hair and bath gels, plus some scented candles and you are well on your way to a luxe spa feel.

Hidden storage gems

Less is always more and no one wants all their belongings on display for all to see. Hide away all your lotions, extra towels, spare shampoos, and other toiletry items in conveniently located cupboards and cabinets. Cabinet storage that will complement your space’s overall look would be ideal, check out our LED Mirror cabinets for the ultimate options for extra storage, helping to maintain a clutter-free bathroom.

Blanca Shaving Cabinet

Room for two

Double basin bathrooms are now more popular than ever, catering to couples ensuites or even bathrooms for the whole family. Not only are people installing double basins, some homeowners are including matching showers and vanities too. This offers convenience for busy homeowners and makes sharing a bathroom a breeze.

Mood Changing Lighting

The bathroom is an excellent place to relax after a tiring week. Try adding mood-changing lights that will set your mood, or simply add a dimmable LED mirror, which can enhance the ambiance.


If you are looking for ways to create an illusion of having a bigger space, installing a mirror is an excellent solution. Mirrors are essential in every bathroom, but if you invest in your mirror you can benefit from a wide range of other features.

The reflection of light in the mirror is enough to transform the room completely. With Kara smart mirror, your bathroom will not only look bigger, but look so much better too!

Kara LED Mirror

When incorporating design tips, remember that your style reflects your personality. This means carefully selecting the right pieces and ideas for your bathroom project is so important. Keep in mind that creating a true masterpiece has its perks, so be patient with the process. 

Where Can I Learn More About Bathroom Mirrors?

If you are looking for the best in bathroom mirrors, try Remer. We are an Australian company that specialise in designing and manufacturing modern, high quality and innovative mirrors. From all types and shapes, we can help you get the mirror that’s right for you. You can contact us at (03) 9706 6663 or visit our website to find out more.