Mirrors can make or break a bathroom, so you must choose the right bathroom mirror to match your vision.

If you already have a mirror and you’re thinking of creating a bathroom design around it, or you are looking to replace your mirror to enhance your bathroom’s look, consider how these different mirror styles affect your bathroom design:

Modern Mirror

Modern mirrors are the most common in the market. They are also the easiest and most versatile to style due to their simplistic design. 

Modern bathroom mirrors are sleek and minimalistic, presented in circular, oval, arch, or rectangular shapes. They can be frameless or have metal frames. This gives the appearance of clean lines, exuding a sense of elegance. 

A modern bathroom mirror design is a great way to make your bathroom appear simple yet luxurious. They are often found in interior styles such as contemporary, minimalist, and sometimes, mid-century modern.

Wooden Framed Mirrors

For a cosier bathroom, wooden framed mirrors offer a warmer and more natural feel compared to other options. Wooden frames come in a variety of finishes and materials. You can explore a rustic look or a distressed polished one.

The natural tone in the mood presents a cosy and inviting atmosphere within the bathroom, adding a touch of natural beauty to the space. Combined with other wooden accessories like cabinets or wood floors, these mirrors can support a rustic, Scandinavian, or woodhouse interior design style.

Note that wood and bathroom moisture do not always go so well together, so it is important to ensure you are purchasing a wood treated especially to be in a moist environment when selecting this option.

Smart Mirrors

Smart mirrors are luxurious and highly functional bathroom accessories. Like modern mirrors, they have a sleek design. But, they are embedded with added technology, allowing for various functions, such as LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, demisting, and other features.

The smart mirror’s technological appearance can make for a futuristic and modern design. This is amplified when its special features are turned on. A smart mirror can add visual interest to the room by becoming a focal point.

If you are looking for both luxurious design and practicality, a smart mirror is the best option for you.

Geometric Mirrors

Geometric mirrors with shapes like diamonds and hexagons are excellent options for those looking to improve their bathroom’s look. They are popular for their sharp, geometric design, adding a bold yet elegant appeal to the room.

Geometric mirrors are often accented with metal frames that can also materialise across the sides of the mirror’s face. This further enhances its sophisticated, interesting design.  

These types of mirrors can be found in art deco, mid-century, and contemporary bathroom designs. 

Asymmetrical Mirrors

If you are looking for a bold statement piece, look no further than an asymmetrical mirror. Adding an asymmetrical accessory captures guests’ attention when they enter the room. It is a great way to add personality and a sense of playfulness to your design.

Asymmetrical mirrors come in different shapes, sizes, and variations. You can opt for a large asymmetrical mirror for a bolder look while enlarging the area’s appearance. Or you can try combining multiple asymmetrical mirrors to create more visual interest.

 An asymmetrical mirror design creates a focal point in the bathroom, giving it a more dynamic and dramatic look. These items are often seen in art deco and maximalist interior design.

Metal Framed Mirror

Metal frames on a mirror can be used in many design styles. You can create an industrial, modern, or contemporary look depending on your choice of metal, finish, or colour. 

Mirrors with metal frames are regarded for their sleek, modern look. They can provide a contrast within the area, allowing for a less busy design. Metal frames can present as luxurious and bold when used with complimenting pieces.

Aside from their versatility, metal frames are also easily modifiable. You may be able to replace the mirrors’ frames with different metals whenever you want to change your bathroom design. 


A mirror is one of the most noticeable accessories in a room. It is a functional accessory with a powerful impact on design. The different styles can alter your bathroom’s overall look. 

If you have a specific design aesthetic, consider the elements your mirror needs. This will help ensure that it supports your intended design and does not end up pulling away from your vision. 

Keep in mind how these different styles affect the appearance of your bathroom to create a more cohesive and beautiful design.

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