The idea behind our round LED mirror, the sphere was to create a mirror that fits in with today’s trends, incorporates modern technology, yet also remains in style for many years to come.

Sphere Round Mirror By Remer

Remer’s Sphere Collection round mirror is a best seller, if not THE best-selling product in our range. It is undeniably on trend, and the backlit aura it emits gives any space a feeling of grandeur luxury. Coming in two sizes, 600mm and 800mm, it can suit smaller powder room spaces or larger family bathrooms with 900mm or 1800mm vanities. With an optional demister in our larger sized Sphere, there is the added sense of practicality paired with modern, life changing technology. Additionally, there is also the option to customise your lighting colour preference. Our Sphere comes with Adjustable colour temperature as standard, allowing you the ability to switch from Warm to Cool lighting with the touch of a button.

Sphere Round Mirror By Remer
Sphere Round Mirror Collection

Our Round LED mirror, The Sphere is well known for its minimalist design, which seamlessly integrates cutting edge technology without compromising on its classic, timeless appearance. During the design process, our creative team at Remer focused on the goal of creating a mirror that fits in with the today’s trends but also pushes the boundries of technolgy, yet also remains a timeless piece for many years to come.

By Hollie Vorbach