If you are thinking of enhancing your bathroom’s overall look, an LED mirror is one of the best additions you can have. Here at Remer, our LED mirrors for bathrooms are equipped with special lighting around their surface for a clearer reflection than a non-LED mirror..

Our mirrors give additional lighting that can make it easier for people to shave, put makeup on, and whatever else you need good lighting for. Aside from lighting, hardwired LED mirrors also create a more relaxing ambience in the bathroom. Some of our mirrors are even made with smart features where the user can have a Bluetooth connection to play their favourite audio.

Sphere LED Mirror

How Does an LED Mirror Work?

LED mirrors do not require an electrical charger for them to work. Unlike traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, these mirrors do not require much electricity. LED mirrors can last for over a decade, depending on usage, which means that having this fixture for the bathroom is a long-term investment.

These mirrors may look fancy to some. However, most of these mirrors involve only two technologies. These are mirrors and light-emitting diodes.

There are two types of LED mirrors. The first type comprises fitting strips of LED lights angled to mirror frames. These types of brighter mirrors are what you can typically see in a clothing store’s  fitting room.

The second type is where LED lights and diffusers are behind the glass panel on the exterior of the mirror. All mirrors need two essential parts: a smooth metal surface and a layer of glass to protect them. LED mirror manufacturers try to make these mirrors as if they are the ones omitting the light.

Why Do You Need Remer LED Mirrors?
  1. LED mirrors give you better lighting

Most of the time, the lighting used in bathroom’s is overhead lighting. With this kind of ceiling lighting,a person’s face will usually will appear with shadows.

Using our premium LED mirrors gives you a light source that illuminates your face directly. The light from these mirrors does not cast a shadow on to your face, which means that you have a better light quality making it more suitable for shaving and applying makeup.

There are many different colour temperatures and lumens of LED lights (typically cooler colour temperatures and higher lumens). This means they can make light closer to the actual light that comes from the sun.

Once you check yourself on an LED mirror, you will notice the clean backlight that enhances your facial features, making you more confident on exactly what you are seeing in the mirror.

  1. LED Mirrors Have Technological Features 

The primary purpose of an LED mirror is to have extra lighting while using the mirror. However, some are capable of providing more functions than ordinary mirrors. As mentioned earlier, some of these smart mirrors can be connected to your device via Bluetooth, you even have the option to change light colour and temperature.

With LED mirrors, you can now listen to your favourite podcasts and playlist while doing your hair every morning without bringing your radio inside the bathroom. You even level up with a magnifying LED mirror 3x, which is ideal for plucking eyebrows (and even popping pimples).

Another notable feature is their anti-fog system. After hot baths and showers, you no longer need to wipe your bathroom mirror to see yourself if you’re using an LED mirror.

  1. LED Mirrors Make a Bathroom More Stylish  

And lastly, an LED mirror makes your bathroom more stylish. LED mirrors have an aesthetic effect on bathrooms, making them look modern. LED mirrors come in different shapes and sizes. Aside from bathrooms, you can have LED mirrors installed in almost every part of the house.

Aside from functionality, LED mirrors make your bathrooms more attractive. Having one of these mirrors is a wonderful addition to any home.

How to choose the perfect Remer LED mirror? 

To get the perfect LED mirror from Remer for your bathroom, you need to consider the size of your bathroom, the vanity and the sink. Another thing that you should consider when choosing an LED mirror is the shape of the mirror. Some people prefer rounded mirrors, while others prefer square, arch, oval or rectangular ones.

Even though all of our lighted bathroom mirrors are sleek, simple, and modern, the styles of the different collections are slightly different. Some have sharper, more squared-off edges, while others are noticeably softer. This gives you options when choosing a mirror to fit your style.

You should also consider your budget when choosing a mirror. LED mirrors will generally cost more than regular mirrors but can serve you more in the long run as dual purpose, and can be used for light as well as the usual functionality of a mirror.

Where to get the best LED mirror?

If you live in Australia and want the perfect LED mirror for your bathroom, Remer has been a trustworthy brand supported by excellent customer service since 2017. Architects, developers, and builders nationwide trust Remer for having the best LED mirrors in Australia that are suitable for any space.

If you are interested in having an LED mirror for your bathroom today, you can visit our Contact Us page, call our hotline at (03) 9706 6663, or email us at [email protected]. Get your LED mirrors today at Remer!