Mirrors, as transformative home accessories, possess the remarkable ability to influence a space’s appearance through enhancing its perceived size, adding visual interest, and contributing to the overall mirror shape dynamics in the market today.

A mirror’s elements establish the ways it can visually affect a room. Its shape being one of its most obvious attributes.

With the increasing number of mirror designs, like the popular LED mirrors, determining the right mirror for your home can be challenging. Consider how different mirror shapes affect your style and usage to help choose the best mirror for your room.

Rectangular Mirrors

Rectangular mirrors are best known for their practicality and ability to make a room appear larger than they are. Depending on the orientation, a mirror can enhance a specific characteristic of a room and offer unique visual advantages.

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Portrait-oriented rectangular mirrors are commonly used for dressing or grooming. This is why they are mostly seen in bedrooms, closets, or even bathrooms. They are also good at accentuating a room’s vertical space. A portrait-oriented mirror can make ceilings appear higher. It can be a statement piece when combined with intricate designs like metal frames.

On the other hand, a landscape-oriented rectangular mirror can make a room appear wider. It is great for areas that feel too narrow or cramped. Mostly seen in the dining area or the living room, a horizontal rectangular mirror exudes warmth and togetherness and has the ability to tie in a room’s elements.

Square Mirrors

A square is one of the simplest mirror shapes available, but it is also one of the most easily misused. The geometric symmetry of a square mirror radiates a sense of assertive balance within a room. A square shape is often associated with modern interior designs for its sleek look.

Square mirrors are eye-catching for their strong appearance. The four corners of the mirror present the idea of stability and strength. Because of this, they can also overpower a room’s design, especially when placed with other square decorations.

Consider the volume of geometric decorations in the room when using square mirrors. Adding a square mirror in a busy room might not be the best option as it would only fight for visual attention instead of tying in the room’s overall design.

Furthermore, you can use square mirrors in areas of the house where you want to exude the feeling of stability, like the office, library, or living room.

Round Mirrors

Round, circular or spherical mirrors emanate the feeling of harmony, wholeness, and peace. They are great pieces to break off a design filled with sharp geometric shapes by giving an area for the eyes to rest.

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A round mirror is a highly versatile accessory as it does not fight for attention. Instead, it offers a soft focal point for viewers. They can be used in visually busy areas like the living room or kitchen. But they are even better in bathrooms, especially with smart features like LED lights or Bluetooth speakers. This is because they can be relaxing to look at.

Oval Mirrors

A more classic and traditional mirror option is an oval mirror. These types of mirrors give off personality and drama. An oval mirror is a visually interesting piece that enhances a room’s ambient mood—for instance, the warmth of a fireplace on a winter afternoon.

The oval mirror combines a round mirror’s softness with a rectangular mirror’s space-enhancing capability. This results in unique, cosy, and even seductive qualities. An oval mirror is perfect for the entryway, living room, or bedroom. When combined with other elements, oval mirrors can also exude a feeling of luxury.

Arched Mirrors

If you are looking for a mirror that evokes true opulence, there is no better option than arched mirrors. Inspired by cathedral windows, arched mirrors are elegant statement pieces. They radiate a sense of strength and support.

The arched shape is famous for its numerous historical occurrences, especially in European architecture. Because of this, arched mirrors are associated with luxury and affluence.

These mirrors are quite versatile as well. They can be placed to enlarge the appearance of vertical space or solely for practicality for dressing and grooming. But overall, an arched mirror is an excellent choice if you seek a mirror shape that exudes opulence.

Irregular, Organic, or Asymmetrical Mirrors               

For a bolder look, irregular, organic, or asymmetrical mirrors are excellent options. These mirrors shy away from traditional shapes to add a unique visual interest to a space.

An irregular mirror can have different effects depending on the conventional shape it resembles. But the general rule is that wide mirrors enlarge a room’s horizontal space, while tall mirrors can add height.

Additionally, organically shaped mirrors can evoke a sense of calmness in a room. The mirror curves offer a natural, cosy feeling while providing an artistic touch with its erratic design.

Asymmetrical mirrors with sharp geometric design elements can present as modern and dynamic. Asymmetry is often found in modern and contemporary designs to create a sense of movement and energy.

Generally, irregular, organic, and asymmetrical shaped mirrors can be used in any house area as long as it satisfies your vision.

Full Wall Mirrors

Although a fully mirrored wall does not exhibit a shape, it has notable transformative effects on a room.

Most of the time, this mirror design is used for functional rooms like gyms and performance studios. However, fully mirrored walls have also become a trend in bathroom designs. They can exaggerate a room’s space much more than other options and become incredibly handy in accomplishing bathroom activities.

In a way, full-wall mirrors improve a bathroom’s atmosphere by giving the utmost lighting enhancements while allowing you to see yourself in the mirror on a whole new level.

Full-Length Mirrors

A full-length mirror, extending from floor to ceiling, is a versatile and timeless choice. Perfect for bedrooms, dressing rooms, or entryways, these mirrors provide a complete reflection of yourself, enhancing the perception of space while serving practical purposes.

Whether mounted on a wall or freestanding, a full-length mirror creates an illusion of openness, making it an excellent addition to smaller rooms. Consider decorative frames or sleek, frameless designs to complement your style.


Shape is a critical factor in choosing the right mirror for your home. Various shapes can affect a room’s appearance differently. Consider how different mirror designs can influence the look of your living space to ensure that you choose the best mirror for your living space.

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