Bathrooms are one of the most personal spaces. The bathrooms of today have increasingly gained momentum for being personal spaces for relaxation, after a long hard-working day! Gone are the days where bathrooms were simple and serving their ‘only’ original purpose. Instead, now Bathroom Design is a strong symbol incorporated with latest luxurious and modern trends!

From vanities to dispensers, lighting, bathtubs, fixtures, and many other amenities, modern bathrooms are also a major limelight of homes. This year brings us an inch closer to a take on wellness and hygiene. And where best could we start than our own bathrooms!


  1. Modern and Glam

Opulent and elegant, this ultra-luxurious bathroom designs incorporate rich marble and gold accents to create an utmost glam experience. The floating vanity and ceiling-heightened use of tiles help create an illusion of a larger and spacious bathroom – hence, a great trick to play.

Furthermore, there is nothing more eye-catchy than the ovular-framed mirror that tends to add a chivalrous vibe to the overall aura of this luxury bathroom. And not to forget, the LED glam mirror further compliments the beauty and utmost luxe in this space.
Gatsby LED Mirror

  1. Minimalist Bathroom Design Approach

Who says that luxury always have to be shiny and sheen? Well, this minimalistic approach towards design is another way to incorporate subtleness and beauty. The perfect amalgamation of monochromatic tones like black, gray, and white makes a perfect pair. And not to forget – the high sky window further helps make the bathroom look lighter and airy by letting in ample natural light.

round LED mirror is always bound to grab attention! Whether it is to pair with chromes, brass, or stainless-steel fixtures – there is no better way to create a flabbergasting experience!

  1. Bold and Daring

Darker and bolder bathrooms are quite a trend. And similar is the case for this beauty where luxe marble reaches up to the height of the ceiling to create an illusion of a taller space. Whether it is the vintage wall sconces or the patterned notable piece of the patterned mirror – this bathroom is definitely an example of something we absolutely adore. They say mirrors define the character of a bathroom – and that’s true!

And you know what else we like the most? Well, it is definitely the full-length glass overlooking the surrounding panorama and the absolute moody aura created by the lighting and the finishes.

Capsule LED Shaving Cabinet

  1. Open Concept

Bright and airy, this sun-filled bathroom is equipped with larger windows, a majestic piece of rectangular LED mirror shaving cabinet , a glass-walled shower, and ample circulation space for the user to feel relaxed and comfortable. The pure white tone on the wall pairs well with the golden accents to further create an eye-catchy palette.

Also, don’t overlook the free-standing bathtub that sits in the corner while providing a great view of the outdoors. It is true that if you place the mirror opposite the window – your bathroom is bound to look larger and brighter! Wouldn’t you simply love to relax here and make the most of your Sunday?
Vera Shaving Cabinet

  1. Embracing Nature

A bathroom that incorporates nature in the most creative ways is the bathroom we absolutely love. Whether it is the natural light or the tinges of greenery, the absolute feeling of soothing and tranquility is worth looking forward to.

This bathroom perfectly induces a sense of calm and peace by incorporating spider plants. And since the bathroom is devoid of any ornamentations and decorative sheen – it creates an experience worthy of admiration. The double mirrors somehow tend to steal the attention of the guests – while offering a sense of multiplying the illusion of your space.

Gatsby Matte Blacked Framed Oval LED Mirror

  1. Black Love

Many homeowners adore the feeling of black marble and everything dark and opulent in their bathrooms. One such example is this pure black bathroom that tends to add a feeling of splendor and luxe in this space.

The white sanitary blends seamlessly with the black-veined marble – creating a subtle balance worth experiencing. Furthermore, the role of artificial light amalgamating with the LED mirror played is simply phenomenal! Wouldn’t you want a corner that is bold and characteristic?

Gatsby LED Mirror

There is no good or bad in design – it is just simple hierarchy and balance that you need to ensure when getting your bathrooms designed. So, are you ready to give a modern and luxurious makeover to your bathroom with some of these fixtures and mirrors? Well, these timeless trends are definitely WORTHY of it.