The bathroom mirror is a great investment to make your space appear brighter, bigger, and more functional. And with the recent advancements in mirror technology, you can now improve your bathroom experience while boosting your home’s value. However, before buying bathroom vanity mirrors, you have to decide between a frame or a frameless variant.

This article will explain the things that every mirror buyer should consider before choosing between framed and frameless bathroom mirrors:

Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Framed mirrors are timeless and loved by many homeowners because they fit in any bathroom or room, no matter the style. One notable example of this type of mirror is the popular modern round mirror black frame from Remer.

Framed mirrors also make a great addition to antique, traditional, or  more eccentric style bathrooms. A high-quality framed mirror can be paired with aluminium, woodwork, stone, and ceramic to highlight its aesthetic elements. They are also great for pairing with double-sink vanities.


  • Offers a wide range of styles

As a customer, options are important when choosing your preferred mirror styles. When buying framed mirrors, you will enjoy a multitude of options when selecting the best framed mirror for your bathroom. Mostly, frames are available in different materials, such as aluminium, cement, timber, acrylic, and mosaic, as well as a huge number of colour ways.

  • Protects mirror edges

Due to the nature of glass, most mirrors have corners and edges that are susceptible to breakage. Hence, they must be installed carefully and treated with care. A frame, however, can reinforce the protection on those edges, making them more durable compared to the frameless mirrors.


  • Susceptible to Moisture

Due to the possibility of de-silvering, not all framed mirrors are suitable for wet areas, such as bathrooms. In some cases, the mirror is not the problem, but the wood used to prepare the mirror. Woods are not ideal for environments with high humidity and moisture. And if you decide to use metal, there is a chance that the metal will rust, it is important that you use a framed mirror that is designed specifically for bathroom use to avoid these issues.

  • Hard to find

If you are looking for a framed bathroom vanity mirror, finding one with the same frame colour as your bathroom cabinet may be challenging. You should ensure that the frame mirror matches bathroom cabinets, or fixtures to maintain consistency and your bathroom’s overall look.

Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

Frameless bathroom mirrors are often featured in interior design magazines. This is because they’re ideal for minimalistic and premium designs. Despite having no frame, these mirrors are becoming popular in modern bathrooms.  The sleek, frameless design is perfect for a powder room because it doesn’t overcrowd the space. An oversized frameless mirror is also an excellent match for larger bathrooms since it can be customised cut to fit the space above your vanity.


  • Easier to Maintain

Frameless bathroom mirrors are easy to clean and maintain. They are not prone to corrosion and have fewer parts to repair. This makes them perfect for small bathrooms, where space is an issue.

  • Stylish and elegant

Frameless mirrors offer more style and versatility than you might imagine. You can mount some either horizontally or vertically, depending on its purpose.


  • Edge can be prone to breaking

In contrast to framed mirrors, frameless mirrors have no addition protection for the edges. Therefore, they may shatter if you hit them accidentally. Always remember to take caution when installing and using the mirror and if you notice any chips or cracks prior to installing, do not install it.


When choosing a mirror, remember that they come in various sizes and shapes. Selecting the right specifications ensures that you get the most out of your new mirror. And if you want to ensure that your bathroom mirrors are premium, opt for a manufacturer with broad experience in the industry.

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