A bathroom can only replicate a luxury spa or hotel experience if it is designed that way. It is important to consider all details when designing for Luxury, so that you end up with a bathroom that exudes poise and grace. Luxury in your bathroom is all about the look and feel of the space as well as its functionality. A bathroom can engage one’s senses creating a setting that transcends the ordinary, a personal retreat that creates calm within.

Be it a spacious bathroom, a powder room, or a small compact restroom, the material and the fixtures can create an effect that imitates an aura of being in a boutique spa or a luxurious hotel. From tiles to the towels, shower to the sink, fixtures to mirrors, there is a lot to consider. These are the pieces of the puzzle that must come together to create a luxurious sanctuary of your dreams. A sense of completion and rejuvenation is what one must achieve when prepared to leave this space.

LED Shine brightly like diamonds – whats more Luxe than that?

Bathroom mirrors play an integral part in completing this picture. Bathroom mirrors can transform and alter the ambiance of the bathroom in more ways than one. Adding a high quality LED Mirror can help emulate the feel of a luxury spa or hotel escape effectively. Bathroom mirrors in hotels fall under a totally unique genre. Mirrors with lights, LED front-lit or backlit mirrors, cutting edge smart mirrors with Bluetooth audio features, demister, and defogger are massive right now and can turn your bathroom into a haven of all things luxurious and other worldly.

Bathroom mirrors come in considerable shapes and sizes. They are in oval, round, rectangle, arch forms and patterns which can tease our senses and create that surreal effect in the bathroom transporting one in a spa-like space. They can also significantly create an illusion of bigger size bathroom spaces through their well-lit mirrors.

Create a luxury spa or a hotel-like experience with the right mirror. LED Mirrors are not only multi-faceted, but recreate the feeling of luxury. Mirrors in hotels are revolutionary in nature. The nuanced and tasteful customers can bring about mindful changes in the design element through choosing the right mirrors for their bathrooms making it savvy and sophisticated while turning the bathroom from bland to boutique, making it no different from a five-star hotel or a high-end spa experience.

High quality yet minimal accessories and relaxing colours can create the desired effect you need for your bathroom, fully encompassing the feel of of calm so you can unwind and invigorate your senses. To this we tack on the role of well-lit LED mirrors that really go a long way in creating this effect. Mirrors that shine, show, and speak in ways that nothing else ever can.