For your next home renovation project transform your bathroom by choosing from the very best aesthetically pleasing quality LED Mirrors.

LED mirrors tend to be an easy sell. After all, they’re literally normal mirrors with more quality features.

We’re not naive, though. What most people are looking for in a bathroom mirror is the balance of aesthetics and practicality. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what the best aesthetic LED bathroom mirrors have in spades.

If you’ve been interested in buying an LED mirror but haven’t been able to justify it, read on. We’ll give you more than enough reason to buy one of our many stellar options.

Why Choose a Lighted Mirror?

The lighting in your bathroom is going to change over the course of the day. Unless your bathroom literally doesn’t have windows, the sun can greatly impact light in the room.

Guess what one of the single most eye-catching pieces in a bathroom is? The mirror! But inconsistent lighting means an inconsistent look.

Yes, homes can be designed with the sun and shade in mind. But that’s a complicated process. Homes, especially older homes, tend to only be designed with that as an afterthought (if at all).

All that said, some homeowners may not want the mirror lit all the time. That’s understandable; bathrooms usually have other lights installed already.

If you only want your mirror lit when you’re using it, they’re incredibly easy to turn off and on. All you need to do is press the installed touch buttons!

Whatever you want out of a mirror, having an LED-lit one is the choice to go with. You can use the light to improve the room’s aesthetic or just keep it off until you need it!

Why LEDs?

Besides being vastly more economical, LEDs have a ton of aesthetic value. LEDs are going to glow consistently for at least the next decade, probably much longer.

We’ve talked about how lighted bathroom mirrors have an advantage due to their consistent lighting. You may as well have your lighting as consistent as possible! (As a side note, this is also why switching to LED bulbs in your house can be a good aesthetic choice too.)

This consistent lighting means that once you find an option you like, you’re not going to have to worry about the lighting changing. Normal bulbs can dull out over the course of their lifespan. LEDs are incredibly long-lasting and aren’t going to flicker basically at all until they’re completely dead.


There’s more to an LED mirror than just the LEDs! We can’t forget about the basics when buying lit mirrors. Sizing is one of the most basic principles of choosing a mirror, but it is still very important.

Remember that there’s more to mirror sizing than just finding one that can fit in your bathroom. Your bathroom can likely accommodate a wide variety of mirror sizes. So, how do you choose?

A large mirror can be a big statement. It can project a sense of grandiosity and luxury.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that approach, it isn’t the aesthetic everyone is aiming for. A smaller mirror can be a subtler touch that helps make your mirror less of the focus of the room.

Smaller mirrors allow you to install multiple in the same space. This can be useful for businesses, who often have larger restroom facilities with multiple sinks. It can also be useful for homeowners who just want a unique look for their bathroom.

Identifying the Best Aesthetic LED Bathroom Mirrors

Once you’ve accepted that LED-lit mirrors are the way to go, that still leaves us with an important question: How do you find the mirror for you?

We at Remer are your answer. We’re masters of the luxury mirror market. Among our many sleek options is certainly one that fits the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Want a feature-rich, simple yet elegant design? We’d recommend our Miro collection.

Maybe you’d prefer something more compact that doesn’t sacrifice looks or come off as cheap? That’s fine; we’ve got designs that cover that niche too!

Of course, you may be wondering what makes these mirrors good choices. While one could wax for a long time about the nature of aesthetics, we think we can break it down into a few simple points:

  • Good mirrors do their job: A good mirror is functional. It may seem simple but some designs can get so avant-garde that they forget a mirror that can’t work as a good mirror comes off as pretentious!
  • Lighting should add, not distract: A mirror with lighting installed should help keep the room consistently lit and work as a nice accent to the mirror. The lighting cannot be the focus of the design. If it tries to be, it will just split a person’s attention between the light and the reflective surface.
  • Elegance is key: Good mirrors use simple shapes to help ground a room. Complexity is not always necessary to achieve a sense of beauty. A properly sized, nicely shaped mirror will speak for itself.

Why Not Go with the Best?

Lit bathroom mirrors are sleek and beautiful. A good mirror can absolutely make or break the look of a bathroom. It’s one of the few parts of a bathroom people often like to look at, even if they don’t think about it.

Since we sell the best aesthetic LED bathroom mirrors around, we hope you’ll check out our designs! With consistent lighting, anti-fog designs, and more, you’re missing out if you don’t.

Still interested? We’d love to hear from you! We can answer any questions you have about our products and hopefully help direct you to the design that best suits your needs.