Bathroom design continues to evolve through the years. Numerous trends have come and gone, shaping how homeowners decorate and renovate their bathrooms.

With the robust growth of technology, bathrooms will only change further, providing more value to homeowners. Today, hi-tech and futuristic bathrooms have emerged with the help of smart bathroom gadgets.

From a modern bathroom mirror design to a fully automated shower, the future of bathroom technology is bright and fast approaching. And these hi-tech gadgets serve as compelling proof:

Smart Toilet

Technology has gifted homeowners with the smart toilet, a luxurious and hi-tech alternative to the traditional bathroom fixture. It is a highly sought-after gadget for its compact design, self-cleaning function, and unique smart features.

Toilet use becomes more comfortable with seat warming technology and multiple spray options. The smart toilet also provides a more hygienic operation with automatic flushing and a built-in bidet system.

You can save space, time, and water with the smart toilet’s hi-tech design. Automated cleaning and spraying can lessen water consumption by ensuring that the amount used is the same every time.

The smart toilet is an excellent investment for its wide range of benefits. This is even more valuable for elderly residents or people with disabilities since a smart toilet require less effort to operate.

Common Smart Toilet Features:

  • Automatic lid
  • Seat warmers
  • Automatic flushing
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Night light
  • Multiple bidet options

Smart Mirrors

Experience a new, enhanced way of looking at yourself with a smart LED mirror. The traditional mirror has received valuable innovations, making morning and night time routines more enjoyable.

Smart mirrors can have features such as LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, demisting technology, and magnifying capabilities. These improve and simplify everyday bathroom tasks like flossing your teeth or shaving your face.

You can amplify the mood with lights and music, making self-care activities more relaxing. A smart mirror also provides convenience with a magnifier for an enhanced display and a demister to relieve you of the hassle of cleaning mirrors after a warm shower.

Common Smart Mirror Features:

  • LED Lights
  • Colour Switch
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Demister
  • Magnifier

Switchable Privacy Glass

If you enjoy a scenic view during a bath but sometimes prefer solitude, look no further than a switchable privacy glass. This smart bathroom gadget allows you to relish both with controllable privacy.

A switchable privacy glass can switch from clear to opaque with a simple flip of a switch. The gadget uses polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology whose light scattering power can be adjustable by applying an electric field. It can be installed in your bathroom windows, shower, and skylight.

Investing in this smart gadget helps you harness natural lighting in the bathroom while being able to maintain privacy. It also eliminates the need for blinds, curtains, and shutters.

Additional Benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety and Security
  • Multifunctional Investment
  • Temperature Control
  • Effective and Controlled Daylighting

Digital Shower Panel

Some homeowners start their bathroom routines before they even get out of bed. With a digital control panel, you can turn on your shower and ensure it’s ready when you enter the bathroom.

A digital shower panel is regarded for its convenient and minimalist design. It is a staple in hi-tech bathrooms. This gadget allows you to adjust your shower settings according to your preference, including controlling water temperature, pressure, and consumption. It can even schedule its own cleaning.

With this bathroom gadget, you can simplify and streamline your shower use, which is perfect for homeowners who are always on the go. It can also prevent children, seniors, and people with disabilities from overheating or wasting water.

Common Smart Shower Features:

  • Wi-Fi and Voice Control
  • Temperature and Pressures Settings
  • Water Consumption Limit
  • Self-cleaning Capabilities

Towel Heating Rack

Nothing feels worse than getting out of a shower only to use a cold, wet towel. With a towel heating rack, you ensure you have a warm, dry towel every time.

A heating rack dries and heats towels, bathrobes, and similar objects. It typically consists of metal bars heated by electricity, water, or oil. They come in various sizes, shapes, and styles and can be installed as stand-alone units or as part of a bathroom heating system.

Heating racks provide a convenient and luxurious way to warm and dry towels while also helping reduce the production of moisture and mildew in the bathroom. It is a great alternative to other means, like electric or gas-powered towel dryers, as it has additional features and benefits.

Additional Benefits:

  • Can heat an area of the room
    More energy-efficient than electric or gas-powered towel dryers
    Reduces bacteria build up in towels

Smart Leak Detector

One of the most important smart gadgets in a hi-tech bathroom is a leak detector. Protect your investments and your entire home with a leak-detecting gadget.

A smart leak detector is a device that can sense leaks and water damage in the bathroom and notifies homeowners via a smartphone app. These devices are typically small, battery-powered sensors placed in areas where leaks are likely to occur, such as near the sink, toilet, or shower.

It will send alerts when it detects high moisture, changes in temperature, or concerning humidity levels. These can indicate a water leak or the potential for mould growth.

Smart leak detectors help you prevent costly water damage and mould growth, which can harm both the home and the health of occupants. They can also help to conserve water by alerting homeowners to leaks or drips that may be wasting water.

Advantages of a Smart Leak Detector:

  • Damage Prevention
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Immediate Response Time
  • Protection Beyond the Bathroom

Get Ahead in Bathroom Trends

There are numerous bathroom technology options for homeowners looking to upscale their bathroom design. Achieve functionality and sophistication with these top hi-tech gadgets. Simplify, streamline, and enhance your daily bathroom activities by investing in smart bathroom gadgets.

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