Homeowners often dream of acquiring a relaxing, elegant, and unique bathroom. Many consider a bathroom renovation a significant investment and opportunity to transform their bathroom dreams into reality. According to a survey conducted by Houzz, more than one in five homeowners increase their bathroom size during renovations, and 75% focus on upgrading their vanities.

While remodelling your bathroom is daunting, the results can give you short- and long-term benefits. It promotes energy efficiency, improves safety, adds functionality, enhances designs and aesthetics, and increases your home’s value. However, you might get overwhelmed and frustrated with the process without basic knowledge and experience of how it works. Thus, we are here to guide you and give tips for achieving a successful bathroom renovation.

Know your budget

Budgeting is an essential step in any bathroom reno. The renovation cost can vary widely and spiral out of control if you are not careful. Therefore, you need to take time to consider the remodelling expenses of your bathroom. Think also about what you can afford. Get estimates from multiple contractors and research the costs of various products and materials.

be helpful to create an itemised budget that outlines all of your expenses for the bathroom.  Be sure to stick to your budget, as it will help you deal with any unexpected issues that pop up during the project, which unfortunately is a real possibility.

Identify the necessary fixtures

There will be several bathroom fixtures that you need when renovatin your bathroom. While replacing all your bathroom fixtures is unnecessary, you will still have to consider buying some new and updated ones. Here are some of the fittings and fixtures that might need replacements.

Bathroom vanity: If it is damaged beyond repair, difficult to use, or malfunctioning, it should be replaced. Hard-to-open drawers and doors, for example, are red flags.

Bathroom Mirrors: Bathroom mirrors are beautiful by themselves. We offer many options to help you find a mirror that matches your existing bathroom design. Our bathroom mirrors can provide you with multiple benefits, such as creating space, visibility, good lighting, and is one of those items that can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your bathroom, which is very handy if you are only looking at a mini makeover.

Bathroom Sink: The bathroom sink is an essential fixture to have in your bathroom. Consider replacing your bathroom sink if it has any problems, such as cracks or stains.

Pipes and connections: Bathroom plumbing connections can often be hidden, making it easy to overlook any problems. A lack of attention to minor issues with your plumbing can cause severe damage. If there are any issues, get in touch with your plumber immediately.

Match your vanities with mirrors

It would be best if mirrors were paired with the bathroom vanity. If the mirror and the vanity are equal in length, you can create a clean and tidy atmosphere. We recommend investing in a shaving cabinet if you have a rectangular-shaped or are short on storage vanity, you can even install 2 side by side if you have multiple basins.

In addition, you might think outside of the box if you look for a more abstract mirror. We suggest putting a Gatsby mirror on your wall to make your bathroom elegant and tranquil. There are different colour frame options, such as matt black, gun metal, brushed nickel, rose gold, and brushed brass. Consider this option when you want to remodel your bathroom or update your vanity.

Look for reliable and trustworthy contractors.

It is best  to speak with contractors early in the remodelling process to get an idea of what your bathroom remodel will cost and how long it will take. As you don’t want to rush into such a crucial decision, you must begin researching local contractors as soon as you decide to remodel the bathroom.

You will want to spend some time looking for an experienced contractor who is familiar with your area and can help you navigate the renovation process. You can also ask your relatives and friends for recommendations. Alternatively, people who have recently had work done to their homes may be able to help you. But perhaps the easiest way to make an informed decision is to check out reviews online.

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