Unlike other products, LED Mirrors require specific cleaning to maintain the integrity of the mirror and keep it looking newer for longer compared to other mirror products. Need some more information?

Here are our top tips for cleaning your LED Mirror!

How To Clean Your Bathroom Mirror? What cleaning materials do I need?

To begin, you would need a suitable cloth. Since not all cloths are created equal, it’s important to select the right cloth for cleaning an LED mirror. Microfibre and chamois cloths are the best cloth to clean you LED bathroom mirror. These cloths are soft and will promote quick drying to prevent watermarks.

To maintain the integrity of your mirror, you should not use any old glass cleaner as this can actually damage the mirror, please clean the mirror surface with a mixture of 30% isopropyl alcohol and 70% water and this will make your LED mirror good as new!

To clean Aluminum frames please use a soft Microfibre and chamois cloth with warm water.

Do not use any abrasive, acid or alkaline-based cleaners. Avoid sharp objects and keep heat and hot objects away from all surfaces or Remer products.

Steps to clean your LED mirror 

Step one: Turn off the LED mirror’s lights.

Step two: Use a feather duster to dust off your mirror. Make sure that the mirror is dust-free.

Step three: Spray the cleaner on to your microfibre cloth and wipe your LED mirror thoroughly. Begin in the top right corner and then proceed by wiping to the side. Shift the cloth to the top left, and continuing back and forth in a similar motion to the bottom of the mirror until the mirror is no longer blurry.

Step Four: Finally, take another dry microfibre cloth and wipe the LED mirror in the same pattern until it is completely dry. It should now be beautifully clean, reflecting perfection.

How To Extend the Life of Your LED Mirror 

The best way to extend the life of your LED mirror is by keeping it dry at all times. Some  Mirrors are susceptible to water damage. The bathroom is the most humid area of the house, and long-term humid exposure can damage your LED mirror. To avoid humidity, it is best to open the bathroom window or use an exhaust fan whilst you shower. In the long run, we recommend that whenever you are cleaning your mirror, you should stick to the recommended cleaning products so that your mirror stays in the best condition possible long-term.

The Best LED Mirrors in Australia

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