Many homeowners prefer the updated, innovative, and tech-driven bathroom decorating ideas. They invest time and effort in enhancing their bathroom fixtures and fitting, such as bathroom mirrors, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and accessories. Besides aesthetic elements, promoting the room’s wellness and sustainability is also essential. 

Let’s say you have a rusty mirror and a broken sink. It is essential to replace them and buy new quality items. In this way, you will prevent accidents and high costs in the future. Despite many fixtures in the market, it is always nice to match them with the year’s bathroom trends. 

The National Kitchen & Bath Association released its annual Design Trends report for 2023. It examines critical elements of bath and kitchen design, revealing in-demand trends for the next three years in style, design, and technology. According to the report, primary bathrooms with a spa-like environment will be more in demand. 

Read on to learn more about bathroom trends for 2023:

  1. Backlit mirrors 

Unsurprisingly, mirrors play a vital role in any room. Apart from their aesthetic benefits, you can also use them when brushing your teeth, putting on make-up, or fixing your hair. 

And if you want to add glam to your bathroom space, you can opt for a backlit mirror at Remer. We offer the newest LED backlit arch mirrors, perfect for your bathroom space. These Arch mirrors provide a contemporary style with a classic twist, making your room look sophisticated and relaxing in 2023. 

  1. Terrazzo Floors and Walls

Terrazzo makes a strong comeback and is one of the top bathroom tile trends for 2023. The signature stone specks of Terrazzo are available in almost any colour and size. Each terrazzo style can be unique and attractive.

Its strength and ease are also the reasons why consumers prefer this tile design. Additionally, you will see more terrazzo décor, adding a unique look to your bathroom space.

  1. Anthracite Accents

In 2023, this humble coal will be more attractive in the market. Anthracite is known as hard coal or black coal with submetallic shine. Because of its high density and few impurities, it is ideal for environments sensitive to heat or moisture, such as bathrooms. 

Anthracite is bold and impactful in any interior design. Typically, it is most suitable for a neutral, organic interior. You can use interior decor as a focal feature to create a natural definition.

  1. Japandi Style

Japandi combines Scandinavian design’s modern, sleek lines and the functional, elegant Japanese aesthetic. Its minimalist and warm vibes focus on neutral tones and natural materials. 

If you are looking for colours to match your decor, choose beige, sand, or taupe. Avoid anything too light or too bright. You don’t want anything to jar, grate, or dominate. You aim to create a peaceful, harmonious environment.

  1. Plants

Pinterest forecasted that biophilic design will be a big trend in 2023 for bathrooms. One-third of respondents added greenery to their bathrooms after the remodel. Most of them said it was because they found it aesthetically pleasing and calming; if this sounds like you, add one or more of these humidity-loving plants to your powder room.

  1. Budget-friendly walls

People are choosing to save money when it comes to wallcoverings. It means sticking to budget-friendly ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles for the shower. 

While some may have tried bolder and more saturated blues to their vanities, the walls remain relatively neutral. Grey and beige are the most popular colours, while white is the most common.

  1. Decorative sinks

Decorative and colourful sinks will have a significant comeback in 2023. Using a bright colour for a powder room sink is one of the excellent ways to emphasize the design and elevate a small space. It is best to pair it with bold paint for walls, adding drama and elegance to your bathroom space. 

  1. Natural materials

Synthetic sinks and vanities are no longer in demand in 2023. Hence, designers recommend warm and inviting vibes for bathroom spaces for the next years. Natural materials like tumbled, brush, wood, and handmade tiles are likely the best match for your 2023 bathroom ideas. 

  1. Metallic Accents

Fixtures and hardware are likely to dominate many bathrooms for 2023. For a warm contrast to the starkness and tiled bathroom, look for softened metallics like champagne or brushed gold. You don’t have to choose one metallic finish; more bathrooms are now going for mixed metallics.

  1. Glossy and mirrored surfaces

Small rooms need to create the illusion of space. Mirrored surfaces visually increase the size of small rooms, and there is no better method than using them. Consider a large mirror that covers the entire wall behind your basin. The bathroom tile trends for 2023 are still relevant here, as metallic and glossy tiles have reflective properties.

  1. Technology

Clients are most excited about temperature and humidity control technology in the bathrooms. Next on the tech list are LED bath mirrors and automatic shower tub lighting controls. In bathroom lighting controls, the dominant choice will be a dimmer switch, followed by motion sensors and voice-activated controls.

Bathroom Colours for 2023

The 2023 bathroom colours represent the colour wheel’s warm and cool sides. There are many ways to add your favourite colour, including accents and a complete remodel. 

Here are some of the best bathroom colours for 2023:

  1. Earthy Tones

Warm ochres, sandy beiges, and earthy shades are the classic bathroom colours for 2023. You can use multiple shades inspired by nature or one colour’s many saturations. No matter which option you choose, the result should be beautiful and peaceful. This is a simple yet effective way of connecting to the outdoors from your home.

  1. Sea Blues

In 2023, bathroom colours will be popular in shades of blue and sea green. Blues and teals can bring back images of the sea, especially in deep jewel tones. Pastel colours will give your bathroom a more coastal feel. This combination of colours makes bathrooms feel as fresh and clean as a sea breeze.

  1. Peachy Pink

Neutral-natural hues are more attractive than artificial colours due to the organic trend. One soothing colour that you can use in warm bathrooms is peachy pink. This is a more subtle shade than neon pinks and blush, but it still appeals to those who like a rosy tint. You can use it to dress in both masculine and feminine spaces.


As 2023 begins, today is the perfect time to gather fresh ideas and inspiration for your bathroom. In addition, it is essential to align your bathroom fixtures and accessories to your bathroom styles. 

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