Glass and mirrors have always been present in interior design in one way or another. However, having the best LED bathroom mirror serves the dual purpose of adding glam and being the grooming aid. Smart mirrors in the bathroom provide a clearer vision, which is much similar to the one provided by natural light. It is easier to view yourself in an illuminated bathroom mirror than in the yellow light. These mirrors have become a convenient mode of decoration. They provide a brilliant and classy environment in the bathrooms besides being energy efficient.

With so many options available, choosing one smart mirror for your bathroom can be overwhelming. No single mirror will suit everyone’s needs; it’s important to focus on your requirements. This includes the available space in your bathroom, mirror’s purpose, interior style of the bathroom, as well as your budget. You also need to check if the mirror you’re going to select is SAA approved. SAA-approved appliances have passed the Australian and New Zealand standard for electrical requirements. So let’s read on to equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge to make a wise decision. Make the selection of your smart mirror easier with our carefully curated list of factors that you need to consider.


1 – Mirror Design:

Selecting a the best LED smart mirror that matches your bathrooms design is of great importance. You can choose one that matches your tile’s colour or the colour of the walls; there are endless possibilities.  If you’re confused about which design to choose, browse the internet for the latest ideas of styling with smart mirrors. At Remer, we have a wide variety of SAA-approved smart mirrors with different features, so you’ll always have plenty of options to choose from.

2 – The feature set of illuminated bathroom mirrors:

Since we are talking about technologically advanced LED bathroom mirrors, you should take time to understand all the features that these models come with. Smart mirrors offer various functions that include a magnifier, touch screen dimming, fog-resistant technology, among others. You can also find more advanced features, including shaving sockets or Bluetooth, which add to the company’s unique selling points. It all boils down to your preferences; before buying one, check if it has all the features that you’re looking for when trying to find the best LED mirror.

3 – Smart mirrors with fog-resistant technology:

You spend so much money on a beautiful and stylish mirror that you love, but the first time you take a hot shower, you find it completely useless; as you have to wait 15 minutes for the condensation to clear, or you wipe it clear. If you’re always troubled by this situation, then a smart mirror with fog-resistant technology can be your saviour. These mirrors have a demister that prevents condensation from building up on the mirror. If you have a smart mirror with fog-resistant technology in your bathroom, then no matter how hot you have your shower, you’ll always find your mirror completely clear.

4 – Glass quality of mirrors:

The glass quality of smart mirrors is different from traditional mirrors. Generally, LED illuminated bathroom mirrors use high-quality panels that help improve the reflection’s quality. Another important factor is the magnification strength that varies from mirror to mirror. As a mirror constantly comes in contact with water and soap, so always install a durable quality mirror that has an SAA certification.

5 – The light source for bathroom mirrors:

Another significant factor is the bathroom mirror lights. Avoid buying a smart mirror with uneven lightings; opt for LED bathroom mirrors that project a balanced illumination. This helps create a better and clearer reflection, even during the night. An SAA-approved quality smart mirror generally displays natural colours, making them an ideal choice for a bathroom.

6 – Energy-saving and durable of bathroom light mirrors:

When selecting a smart mirror, we do not have to worry that the lights in it will stop working quickly. LEDs with advanced technology can work for tens of thousands of hours; if you have an SAA-approved mirror finished with this lighting, you can use them in the bathroom for many years. In addition, LEDs are energy-saving, so smart mirrors featured with these lights are not associated with high electricity bills.

7 – Cabinet Mirror:

The last factor that we need to consider before buying a smart mirror is related to the storage availability of the bathroom. If you lack storage in your b space, an SAA-approved smart shaving bathroom cabinet can be the right option for you. Adding one of these in your bathroom is a great way to maximise the available space for storage. But before buying one, make sure that you have enough space to mount a smart shaving cabinet with a mirror, as it can interfere with nearby doors if you don’t account for space.

The advanced technology that you get with a LED illuminated bathroom mirror is far superior and efficient than that of an incandescent bulb. Furthermore, it provides an instant upgrade to a contemporary bathroom with its clean, crisp design and seamless technology. If you want to improve illumination in your bathroom without compromising on the style, SAA-approved smart bathroom mirrors are the perfect solution for you.

If you’re looking for trusted manufacturers to buy smart mirrors for you bathroom, then at Remer, we offer a wide range of led circle mirrors & shaving cabinets for bathrooms in various styles, shapes and sizes to suit your bathrooms’ interior design. You can also find more information on your nearest retailer on our website on our quality bathroom fixtures.