Selecting a mirror for your bathroom that suits all your needs can be an overwhelming task; from different cheaper to costly options through various shopping marts, choosing a perfect mirror takes a lot of decision-making. LED lights add a modern touch to your mirror selection, offering not only aesthetic appeal but also energy efficiency and versatile lighting options. With a lack of knowledge and information about the type of design style you want to achieve, some mirrors will appear intimidating to buy. Without this background understanding, you may end up with something of your disadvantage that is costly and less durable.

Having an LED lighted mirror in your bathroom creates subtle but appropriate lighting that makes the process of make-up and shaving easier. These types of mirrors come with an LED lighting that is installed behind the mirror, making your bathroom stylish and versatile in many aspects.

So, the million-dollar question arises, why should you install a backlit bathroom mirror with LED lights? In this post, we have explained some practical reasons about why you should have a backlit mirror instead of a conventional one and how it drops the need to use other massive and bright lights.


  • Healthier Light:

Our modern gadgets like mobile phones and computers keep us exposed to high levels of blue lights. Thankfully, backlit bathroom mirrors with LED lights can provide a quality of lights similar to natural light. High-quality backlit mirror lights look amazing in your bathrooms and provide a variety of style options. You can get them in different color lighting bulbs to create a beautiful and stylish ambiance for your bathroom that’s irreplaceable.

Having a Hollywood-style oval backlit mirror in your bathroom is a great way to impress your guests. It’s a simpler way to incorporate a touch of glamour in your space without having to break your bank while redecorating. In addition, adding a backlit mirror usually eliminates the need to add wall scones and other decorative lighting options.

  • Better Make-up Application:

There’s no doubt that backlit mirrors are the best friends of make-up artists and enthusiasts. Because of the lights coming from the backside, it exudes luster without shadow, making the application and blending of make-up easier.

In addition to being perfect for make-up, a backlit mirror is also great for other treatments like doing your eyebrows, plucking nose hairs, and shaving facial hairs. Their ability to create no shadows helps prevent small wounds and scratches. You’ll be sure to have it all evened out, as in the perfect lighting of backlit mirrors, you can see the full details of your face or body.

  • No Shadows:

When it comes to traditional mirrors and regular lighting fixtures in your bathroom, they create shadows, making it difficult to see oneself fully illuminated. A shadow on your face makes all kinds of activities like doing make-up and shaving more difficult. However, a backlit bathroom mirror illuminates your face entirely with even lighting, which helps you perform your activities effortlessly.

Modern mirrors like oval backlit mirrors are much thinner than other styles, providing you with more space in your bathroom. Their compact size allows you to have two mirrors side by side, which is excellent for shared bathrooms and also creates an illusion of spaciousness.

  • Backlit Mirrors with LEDs can save you Money:

High-quality backlit mirrors with LED’s can lower your electricity bills and provide you a usage time of about fifty thousand hours; that’s almost ten years of being switched on, making them highly durable.

LED lights with backlit mirrors emit more lumen and are energy-efficient. In addition to that, they remove the need for extra light as they spread light towards you, providing you a clear image of yourself while cutting the electricity cost and lightening up the whole bathroom.

One problem that you face after a warm shower is the fogging up of your conventional mirrors. Modern backlit mirrors usually come with anti-fog features, which always provide you a clear mirror immediately after a hot shower, unlike the traditional mirrors, which remain fogged for some time. The anti-fog feature of these backlit mirrors makes them one of the best things to have in your bathroom, eliminating the need to clean the mirror with a towel or cloth every time you shower.


While there are many other types of mirrors with lights available in the market, backlit mirrors with LEDs provide one of the best experiences you can have. So don’t hesitate to check out our range of high-quality backlit mirrors with various unique features to choose one that goes perfectly with your home design.

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