Wall mirrors are a staple in home décor. These versatile accessories can be placed anywhere in the house to serve a functional purpose or enhance a room’s design. However, not all mirror placements make good use of the accessory’s transformative powers.

Aside from allowing you to see yourself, a smart mirror can influence how your home looks and feels, which in turn, affects you. Take advantage of your mirror’s space-changing impacts by following the best mirror placements for each area of the house:


No bathroom is complete without a mirror. Typically, mirrors are mounted just above the sink, offering assistance for grooming activities like shaving, brushing teeth, or applying makeup.

As the bathroom often wants to appear clean and pristine, it is not usually heavily decorated. This is a great opportunity to use mirrors for adding well-needed visual interest to the space. You can make the mirror the focal point of the room by making it the most noticeable.

When the mirror is the most exciting part of the room, the bigger, the better. A large size adds dramatic effect and extends the line of vision farther. This gives the appearance of a much larger space. The effect can be highly appreciated by small bathroom owners as this can help induce a relaxing and freeing atmosphere within the area.


According to renowned interior designer Jermaine Gallacher, the bedroom is the ideal place to get creative with mirrors. Since the bedroom is a versatile space, you can explore numerous options on how you want your mirrors.

You can opt for the classic LED vanity mirror, which creates a beautiful focal point while providing functionality. In this option, you must be wary of the mirror’s size, shape, and placement, as you would not want it to overpower the bedroom’s preferred relaxing ambience.

Some classic bedroom mirror placements include installing a round mirror on top of a table and placing rectangular mirror beside the dresser. These options can tie in the room’s overall design and offer great use.

Adventurous bedroom mirror options come in the form of large landscape mirrors above the headboard or a series of asymmetrical mirrors along the bedroom wall opposite the bed. These make for captivating mirror placements that add a sense of intrigue to the space.

Lounge Room

Natural lighting is most welcomed in the lounge room as it is a place for socialising. When it comes to lounge room mirrors, you want them placed in a way that maximise lighting in the area. You can do this by putting mirrors opposite windows or next to lighting fixtures.

A wall mirror is also an opportunity to highlight the lounge’s statement piece. For example, placing a mirror beside the fireplace can greatly enhance the mood. While you can also use mirrors to direct focus to decorations like pictures, artwork, collections, figurines, etc.

If unsatisfied with your lounge room’s design, consider opting for a decorative mirror. However, avoid using too extravagant mirrors, like a full wall mirror, as they can be distracting, taking away from the lounge room’s purpose. The best options for decorative lounge room mirrors are ones that have intricate framing or unconventional shapes.


The kitchen is a busy room. With various kitchenware and appliances, the room can feel too confined to even add a mirror. But smart mirror placements can actually improve the room’s overall functionality and provide an area for the eyes to rest on.

Mirrors can enhance lighting, which can be extremely useful in the kitchen. Placing mirrors above the sink or countertops can assist with activities like preparing food or washing dishes. It is also a great way to expand the perceived space of the kitchen, which helps it appear less cramped and busy.

You can also use a small mirror to fill in an empty wall. This can provide something to rest on. Mirrors can add a sense of charm and appeal to the kitchen, especially when using a round modern mirror.


The common complaint about hallways is that they can feel suffocating when they are heavily decorated or poorly lit. One way to absolve this is by placing mirrors at the end of the hallway, which elongates the line of vision, creating the illusion of more space.

You can also do this by placing a series of mirrors along the wall. This option allows for more creativity as you can use different-sized and shaped mirrors or combine them with decorative elements like family photos, paintings, vinyl records, and many more.


If you are lucky enough to have an entryway, mirrors are great additions to the space. It can provide a functional use by allowing you to have one last look at yourself before you leave the house. It can also serve as an excellent piece to welcome guests.

Place mirrors on the wall just outside the door. This makes good use of the mirror as it can enhance lighting, expand space, and provide functionality. Combined with a table and coat hanger, and as decorations like flowers, the entryway becomes a warm, welcoming space for guests and yourself after a long tiring day.

Transform Your Home with Masterful Mirror Placements

Maximise your mirrors’ use by learning how to place them properly. Beautify and enhance your home space. Adopt the tips and tricks in taking advantage of the mirror’s transformative powers. With a wonderful set of mirrors and masterful placements, you can explore endless design possibilities that will keep your home looking fresh and captivating.

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