Gone are the days when the bathroom was the place to keep only the essentials and wasn’t given much thought. Today the bathroom or restroom has become a private space where people like to spend more time than they usually did in the past. It has attained the status of a pivotal place in décor, thanks to the way one accessorises it. The centre or key accessory of any bathroom is the mirror. The bathroom need not be dull or dreary anymore. Mirrors in a bathroom can elevate the ambiance and the overall mood of the space and now LED bathroom mirrors are the must have item for any bathroom.

Revolutionary and new age mirrors are what Australia stands for! Designer mirrors in Melbourne and other adjoining areas have made it a hub for the new, nuanced, and well-informed audiences and patrons who know what they are looking for. LED bathroom mirrors not only serve a useful purpose, they can bring mindful changes in the design — making them savvy and sophisticated while turning the bathroom from bland to the boutique!

There are distinctive styles and models of LED bathroom mirrors that can set eyeballs rolling for all décor enthusiasts eager to transform the look and feel of their bathroom space.


   1. Round LED Mirror for Bathroom:

This cuts out the dull and uninspiring look of the bathroom. The round shape is lit cleverly around its diameter to give a special aura around the mirror. It can act as a nightlight to any bathroom. This backlit bathroom mirror comes with a demister that prevents steam from settling on its surface, thereby keeping it crystal clear. It is power efficient and is easy to install. They come in cool and warm variants of light and are copper-free, preventing rusting and, therefore, long-lasting. The backlight of this bathroom mirror adds to a glamorous look, while the round shape keeps it simple and basic.

   2. Oval LED Backlit Mirror for Bathroom:

There is clear elegance in this shape. This can transpose the atmosphere of the bathroom and give it a luxe effect instantly. The elegance is primarily due to its oval shape and its backlighting. The fitted LED is super power-efficient, and its defogger prevents fog from building on the mirror’s surface. Even though this mirror is for bathrooms, you can also embellish other rooms. Oval LED mirror fitted on a textured wall can enhance the look of the entire bathroom — LED lighting gives an opulent and lavish feel to space.
Gatsby LED Mirror

   3. Rectangle Backlit Mirror:

These mirrors are rectangular in shape and are either backlit or front-lit. These avant-garde, progressive rectangle bathroom mirrors are minimal and refined and enhance the beauty of your bathroom décor. Some of these also have touch sensors making them smart mirrors with a modern digital display.

   4. Pill-shaped LED Bathroom Mirror:

This is an unusual shape. The round edges add softness and character to the mirror. It has a backlight that illuminates the bathroom space giving it an exclusive look. It comes with a demister and defogger to prevent the steam from settling on its surface. This is a spectacular yet extraordinary shape which makes it stand out from other bathroom mirrors due to its novelty in design.

  5. Sandblasted Mirrors:

Sandblasting is a stylistic element that also adds to the function of the mirror. As most LED Mirrors have the lights at the back of the mirror, this sandblasting, allows some of the light to be distributed forward, illuminating your face as you look in the mirror. We at Remer offer a multitude of sandblasted designed, including the more ambient Miro, and the Arch LED mirror, which when frame is added, the light is directed forward, eliminating the majority of light on the wall behind the mirror.

  6. LED Bathroom Mirror with Storage Space:

These shaving cabinets can be either arch, rectangular, oval/pill-shaped, or round. Essentially, they have most of the features mentioned above, along with a touch sensor, and can imitate a smart mirror that is technologically sound. Additionally, they come with storage space to mount or recess into your bathroom wall seamlessly. This adds to the high functionality of the product compared to a standard bathroom mirror and some very useful storage space for small bathrooms.

  7. LED Curved Corner Bathroom Mirrors:

This mirror is curved on the corners with a backlighting feature to emit LED light. It comes with a demister and defogger to keep the glass crystal clear. When affixed to a feature tiled wall, the lighting creates a magnificent effect giving a deluxe feel to space.

  8. LED Bathroom Mirror with Frames:

These come in all sizes and shapes. The only difference between these and other mirrors is that they come with exquisite frames in different new age colours. All these features give a better posture and support to this mirror while keeping it rust-free.

Remer presents this bathroom mirror collection and much more! With a pre-eminent position within the LED and smart mirror space, it has made the right step to cover mirror ranges above and beyond expectations — serving and satisfying its clientele and customers. Their mirror products are groundbreaking yet don’t lose sight of realism and functionality. A true leader of sorts, Remer is set to make a buzz none can ignore. Need more inspiration for your bathroom project? Check out our Instagram for the latest and greatest LED Mirror Content going around.