For a long time, a plain glass slab mirror was all the rage, then adding an LED Strip light took over giving the effect of luxury. Now, that is a thing of the past, with the all this now available in one product, plus some Smart Technology added for good measure.

You have heard of Bluetooth, but what about a Bluetooth speaker in LED bathroom mirror? How about bathroom mirrors with an in-built digital clock that allows you to keep track of time when you are getting ready?

Above are the features of bathroom LED mirrors nowadays. Not to mention the backlit bathroom mirrors that come with the in-built demister pads, which have been in the market for more than a decade.

Nonetheless, these so-called “backlit mirrors” do not merely reflect the perfect you. Today, illuminated mirrors come in a bundle with many well-thought smart technology features and designs that would positively help our daily lives. Built in bathroom mirror features can include demister, digital clocks, Bluetooth speakers, a magnifying mirror and some even come with an in-built TV.

Did you notice that I called this type of mirror many different names? There are many terms thrown around when talking about these bathroom mirrors, backlit mirror, LED mirror, lighted mirror, illuminated mirror, smart mirror, and the list goes on.

However, at Remer, we call them “Remer Mirrors” because none of the names above fully represent the heart and soul that has gone into designing our products. We will use Remer Mirrors as example/illustration in this context.

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Essentially, these mirrors do the job your standard slab of glass does, but much better. Most of the bathroom are located in a darker part of a home due to privacy, and wanting to use that prime space for more show stopping rooms, naturally. With LED Mirrors, the lights around the mirror allow for more light in your bathroom space. If you’re sick of coming out of the shower to a fogged-up bathroom mirror that you have to wipe with your towel, then the Demister Pad function has you covered. The best thing is that these functions are all activated by a simple touch. When these functions are not in use, the touch switches are illuminated by low-energy LED lights so that when you enter your bathroom in the dark you can still see and activate the functions if necessary.


Additionally, if you are finding it too quiet in the bathroom with just you, your singing and the running water, the problem is solved when Remer Bathroom mirrors come with in-built speakers and Bluetooth connection. Once you have connected your mobile device to the mirror’s Bluetooth, the mirror will make a light twinkling noise to let you know that it is ready. Choose any song from your phone’s playlist, Spotify, or even YouTube or radio, and that song will play through the mirror’s in-built speakers. Everyone knows it is way more fun getting ready with music playing, and now that can continue into the bathroom!

There are so many additional features that turn this bathroom mirror from something ordinary, to something extraordinary. Nevertheless, the most distinctive function of these LED mirrors, are the LED lights themselves. For a long time, plain glass slab mirrors were lined with a LED strip light to give the effect of grandeur and luxury. That is a thing of the past now, with the combination of LED lights, mirrors, and smart technology taking over.

It is official that touch activated LED mirrors are dominating the scene. Take a look at any of the home renovation shows and they are all incorporating this on-trend technology in their bathroom design.

LED lighted mirrors might seem like a new fad, but in fact they are just new products based on old principles and technology. We have had LED lights for ages, and we have had mirrors for ages. LED illuminated mirrors are merely a blend of both, combined with smart modern day technology!

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