Selecting the best bathroom mirror is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work to pick the one that will not only serve its purpose well but will also match the overall design of the space. Some homeowners tend to go miles beyond in the search for the perfect mirror.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, property owners can opt for a smart mirror now. With so many fantastic features, there is no doubt they are gaining popularity among property owners.

What are Smart Mirrors?

Smart mirrors can be built with various hardware-technology, including demisters, LEDs lights for illumination, LCD Displays for information, Bluetooth connectivity, touch capabilities, and in some cases, even an operating system. They are popular because they are capable of giving the user whatever they need.

Why you should Consider a Smart Mirror Today

It is fair to say that a bathroom is not complete without a mirror. It is an essential item that everyone needs. With the population today being highly attracted to smart devices, investing in a smart mirror is an excellent option.

Adding one to your space will offer a tonne of benefits, below are some notable advantages.

  • Helps With Hygiene – Anyone can ensure that their appearance is well-maintained. This is an important aspect in making an impression on a date, at a business appointment, or school event.
  • Makes a Style Statement – Who would say no to the gorgeous statement that a smart mirror will make? Homeowners can pick from a variety of mirrors available on the market. They can choose a traditional style, modern, or a simple yet elegant one. As a tip, get a mirror that will complement the style of your bathroom, extra points for a frame that matches your tapware.
  • Offer a Luxurious Feel – No matter what size your bathroom is, mirrors can illuminate radiance and enhance the room. With smart mirrors, a room will feel larger, seem more balanced and bright, making the luxurious feel more evident. Bathrooms with smart mirrors are more pleasing to the eye.

What is the best Smart Mirror to Buy?

With so many options online, it may be challenging to grasp the best smart mirror for your bathroom. With that in mind, here are our top picks when buying a smart mirror.

  • Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror – Powered by Bluetooth, a dimmable Led bathroom mirror is an excellent choice. It has a defogging system that keeps the mirror clear when the space is steamy. It also has the ability to connect to speakers, giving users the chance to listen to millions of songs or podcasts.
  • Bathroom Smart Television – This allows homeowners to watch their favourite series or movies in the bathroom. These high-technology mirrors will allow people to enjoy seeing their local news without interruption.
  • LED Mirror Cabinet – Super convenient and perfect for small and large bathrooms alike, an LED Mirror Cabinet has all the functions of an LED Mirror, with LED lights and demister, with the added bonus of extra storage. The Amber LED Shaving Cabinet by Remer, also have double sided mirror doors which are super handy to see the back of your head when doing your hair!
    Amber LED Shaving Cabinet

Where Can I learn More About Bathroom Mirrors?

If you are looking for the best in bathroom mirrors, here at Remer we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products with the most innovative technology within Australia. From all types and shapes, we can help you get the best services. You can contact us at (03) 9706 6663 or visit our website to find out more.